Top 5 Bike Trailer for Kids – Reviews & Buying Guide

By Kevin Arnold | Bike

Feb 19
Best Bike Trailers for kids


Bike riding is one of healthiest, thrilling and fun recreational activity that helps you stay energetic. With the invention of the best bike trailer for kids in the market, now you can continue to go on bike rides while taking your little ones along.

What is a bike trailer? There’s a lot to like about this innovative small bike frame. It fits 1 or 2 kids and also all of your essential gear in its cargo space! They are safe, comfortable and very easy to tow around. Some of them even convert to strollers and joggers!

Family members who love the bike will find bike trailers to be a must-have for their outings. Nevertheless, kids will love it too! For them, it's like a ride in the open air.

Before purchasing your best bike trailer, there’s a lot to consider. If the ride isn’t comfortable for your kid, it’s going to ruin your entire experience. To ease your affairs, we have reviewed Top 5 Best bike trailers for kids and an in-depth buying guide.

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Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer - Best Bike Trailer for Kids

​Double Trailer

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

​Double Trailer

InStep Take 2 Bicycle Trailer - Best Budget Bike Trailer

​Double Trailer

Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer

​Double Trailer

Midland GXT1000VP4 Walkie Talkie

​Double Trailer + Jogger

Reviews of the Best Bike Trailers for Kids

1. Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer - Best Bike Trailer for Kids 

Burley Design Bee Bike Trailer

When it comes to bicycle trailer industry, Burley is a big and very prominent name that comes to our mind. Burley has been manufacturing finest quality bike trailers for kids, all of them being a great value for money.

From entry-level trailers to high-end ones, Burley has provided the customers with varieties of models to pick from.

The most basic model amongst all is this Burley Bee that falls between price ranges of $250 to $300. Till today, Burley Bee models are considered as best bike trailers for two kids.

Durable construction

Burley Bee is a trailer made from tough and durable materials (aluminum frame), featuring two seats, rear ventilation, and tinted windows.

Burley trailer has a solid and easiest of hitches that does not require much efforts to set up. All you need to do is hook it up, and you are all set to go.

Weighing just 20 lbs., Burley Bee is one of the lightest trailers on the market that can be pulled effortlessly.

The 20” of push-button wheels provide a smooth ride and come off quickly while folding the trailer.

Functional Design

The rain shield works to keep your kids dry all throughout the rainy days. Most impressive feature about Burley Bee is its vast cargo space at the back, spacious enough to accommodate all of your stuff needed for the day out.

Innovative Flex Connector on this trailer allows the trailer to stay upright, even if the bike lays flat. The UPF 30 Canopy comes handy for sun protection, and the generous interior comes with side battens to create a barrier between your kids and wheels for safety.

The bright yellow cover with reflective piping is made from 600D Polyester, and the wheels incorporate reflectors as well. 

All in all, Burley Bee is a simple yet highly functional and solid bicycle trailer. Although it's not very versatile as it does not have any attachments for jogging or strolling. Moreover, it does not have suspension system and neither does it have ample amount of padding in the harness and seat. Which is why Burley Bee is not ideal for long rides.

Apart from all these downsides, Burley Bee is still one of the best bike trailers for kids, given its robust design and affordable price.

With space for two kids, Burley Bee is your way to go for town cruising.

Safety Standards

Bee has been built solidly above industry safety standards. The full trailer is built in a safety aluminum roll cage to protect your kids in case of a roll-over.

Burley has tested the Bee with ASTM’s drum test and pull/push test to make sure the child remains safe during sudden stops, on bumps and sudden goes. The trailer has passed both of these safety tests with amazing results.

Customer Reviews

Burley Bee tows thanks to its amazing lightweight design effortlessly, whereas the hammock style seats are very comfy for the kids, say users. Customers rave about how attaching Burley Bee to the bike takes less than 5 minutes. Even though the seats aren’t padded, parents have found 5-point harness system to be very impressive to keep children securely nestled in the trailer.

Things We Liked

  • ​Extremely lightweight
  • Large cargo space
  • Hitch system is easy to use
  • Qualifies ASTM safety standards
  • Comes with rain shield, rear ventilation, tinted windows, safety flag
  •  ​Folds flat for storage

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Minimal padding on seats and harness
  • Foot area is not reinforced
  • Not compatible with conversion kits

Final Impression

Regarding price and durability, Burley Bee can be termed as best bike trailer for kid compared to its competitors. Bee is the most basic model of Burley deliberately built for those seeking an affordable and simple-to-use trailer.

While you might not find some comfort features in this model like that in high-end models, but Bee is just as safe and durable as others in the same product line.

2. Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

Allen Sports Steel Bicycle Trailer

Allen is a brand that mostly manufactures ‘steel trailers’ which are durable and less expensive than its aluminum alloy-made competitors. Allen Sports Steel Trailer might lack some of the high-end features, but the price point is super-affordable. Not like any cheap trailer, but Allen Sports is a durably built trailer which is exceptionally lightweight and easy to pull.

Steel Construction

Made from good quality of steel, Allen Sports can fit two children at a time with its maximum load capacity of 100 lbs.

The 16” of inflated rear wheel tires do not affect your biking speed and are a breeze to tow. For utmost safety of your kids, the trailer comes with a safety flag and a Canopy with Velcro fastening that acts as rain/bugs shield!

For less than $110 of the price range, you might think Allen has built some cheap trailer. But with steel construction, Allen Sports also incorporates spokes made from metal and not plastic!

Protection Features

Sports Trailer features a foot guard tube to safeguard your child’s feet from scratching against the ground. And, there’s a 3-point harness system incorporated for each child.

Apart from this, both the side and front windows are large enough, so your kids can thoroughly enjoy outside view.

Non-padded seats feel very uncomfortable for your child, isn’t it? So, Allen Sports Trailer comes with padded double seats that absorb road shocks proficiently. Allen Sports meets ASTM F1975-09 Safety Standards for trailers as well.


Allen Sports trailer is integrated with ‘quick-release’ wheels which you can quickly remove and fold the entire trailer flat, as and when needed.

Thinking about Cargo space? It has a rear compartment to store items and a helmet pocket as well!

Things We Liked

  • ​Easy to assemble
  • Large windows
  • Good ventilation system
  • Meets ASTM safety standards
  • Collapsible design
  •  Inexpensive and very lightweight

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Has 3-point harness only
  • Harness system connects with clips and not buckles
  • Lack of suspension

Customer Reviews

Customers have found Allen Sports Steel Trailer to be most classic and inexpensive trailer available out there. Users say that this trailer provides excellent ventilation, folds down compactly, is very lightweight and has minimal motion transfer, so it is easy to pull. Plus, customers could attach it to most of the bikes, thanks to the universal coupler.

Final Impression

If you want a bike trailer for two kids, yet need something that doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket, then Allen Sports Steel trailer is the one for you! Inflated rear wheels give ample amount of stability to the trailer, whereas safety harness secures your kids in the seat.

Most importantly, Allen Sports is extremely easy to connect and disconnect from bikes. You cannot convert it to a stroller, but it is an excellent value for money.

3. InStep Take 2 Bicycle Trailer - Best Budget Bike Trailer for Kids

InStep Take 2 Bicycle Trailer

Another immensely affordable option added to this bike trailer review list is this InStep Trailer Take 2 model. With just 24.5 lbs. of weight, InStep is yet another lightweight trailer for kids but is also quite stable and secure.

Two-in-One Canopy

InStep Take 2 Trailer features Two-in-One canopy design, where it includes a bug screen as well as a weather shield to protect your kids from foreign elements.

Quick Release Wheels

Just like other trailers in this review, InStep Take 2 also includes ‘quick-release wheels’ that can be removed swiftly whenever needed. Then, you can fold down the trailer compactly for convenient storage or transportation.

16” of pneumatic tires have molded rims to provide smooth rides.

Easy Attachment

Take two attaches to almost all bicycle models, since it includes a universal coupler. This reliable yet lightweight trailer can hold two children at a time with up to 80 lbs. of maximum carrying capacity.

Safety-wise, InStep Take 2 is good with its 5-point safety harness, a safety flag and a ventilated window at the rear.

Things We Liked

  • ​The passenger seats are wide
  • Large cargo space
  • Lightweight and easy to pull
  • 5-point harness

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Plastic tire rims break very easily
  • Poor quality overall
  • Canvas lacks support. Hence children sag in the trailer

Customer Reviews

Customers find InStep Take 2 to be ideal for occasional use without breaking the bank. It is lightweight, very affordable, folds down compactly and offers large cargo space.

But many customers have complained about breaking of plastic rims and them being hard to replace. Also, Take 2 is not comfortable for the kids with its bench-style seat that lacks support and padding.

To dig deeper into the cons, the Take 2 lacks suspension, so kids will feel every shock of bumps that come in the way.

Final Impression

Given its low price, InStep Take 2 can be an appealing choice for people with a tight budget but still want to ride with their kids. As for its positives, Take 2 has spacious seating area and a large cargo space to store all your stuff for the day. But quality-wise, it does not quite hit the bar.

We would recommend InStep Take 2 as a backup trailer for occasional use, but not for rides on a regular basis.

4. Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer

Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer

Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer is somewhat taller and larger than its rival InStep Take 2. Which obviously means that with Schwinn Echo your children are going to be more comfortable, have generous leg room and you will have plenty of rear space for storage.

Quality Construction:

Equipped with 20” of inflated tire wheels with alloy rims, the Schwinn Echo Double Bike Trailer excels in performance and style.

To prevent your kids from outdoor elements, the Echo incorporates a bug screen and rain fly as well. Whereas the large front and side windows make sure, your children don’t get bored while cruising on the bike.


Schwinn Echo is the best bike trailer for kids when it comes to their comfort. No other wagon has padded harness, but Schwinn Echo comes with shoulder pads to provide extreme comfort to the kids.

Likewise, the seat comes with a helmet mesh for ease of use. Weighing just up to 24 pounds, the Echo can handle 100 pounds of maximum weight (two kids) simultaneously.


The hitch on Schwinn Echo is very stiff and gives a tight fit, thereby allowing for tight turns. It is perfect for daily rides, but don’t make very sharp turns with Echo.

Keep in mind that the Schwinn Echo cannot be used as a stroller.

Things We Liked

  • ​Comes with rain fly, bug screen, large windows, helmet mesh
  • Attaches to most bikes
  • Large 20” wheels with metal rims
  • Affordable price
  • Shoulder straps are padded

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​No suspension
  • Does not double as a stroller
  • Seatbelts are of poor quality

Customer Reviews

Users have assembled Schwinn Echo in just less than 3 minutes, thus setting it up is a breeze! Also, users have found Schwinn Echo to be comfortable, easy to pull and fairly roomy. Plenty of customers rave about how nicely it folds down completely flat, thanks to the quick-release tires. All in all, Schwinn Echo has not disappointed users, given its impressive price point and good design.

Final Impression

With thin fabric and small pockets, Schwinn is not as good as its competitors in the market. But we have to say that it is one of the best budget bike trailers to offer 20” spoked wheels with metal rims. Such large size of wheels is what makes your ride smooth.

Surprisingly, Schwinn rides pretty well with massive 20” tires, even with no suspension at all. As long as you use it for rides on smooth pavements and stick to slow speed, you will be fine with Schwinn Echo.

5. Clevr 2-In-1 Bicycle Trailer

Clevr 2-In-1 Bicycle Trailer

For those of you who don’t know, Clevr is known to make budget-friendly bike trailers, even if you have a budget of less than $200. This particular 2-in-1 model is an aluminum-made bike trailer that doubles as a jogging stroller as well.

Removable front wheel

Clevr 2-in-1 trailer is integrated with a removable or convertible front wheel, depending upon whether you will use it for biking or jogging.

With quick disassembly of rear wheels, you can fold the trailer down for easy portability and storage.

Full Suspension system

None of those mentioned above models in this bike trailer review have a suspension system, except for this Clevr 2-in-1 Bike Trailer. Even at such a shockingly low price, Clevr offers full rear suspension system with this model for comfortable riding experience.

The design of the trailer is sturdy yet lightweight. The 12” pivoting wheel on the front is to be used for jogging, whereas the 20” of big rear wheels can use for both biking and jogging.

Comfy Seats

The seats are well-supported and durable than in other models that fall under the same price range. As for weight capacity, Clevr Trailer can handle up to 88 pounds of weight altogether.

Just by the images, you can see the trailer in itself is very roomy and won’t squish your kids tightly.

Compared to other trailers, Clevr model is quite heavy with 30 pounds of weight. But, this heavyweight is what makes it sturdy and stable enough to handle more than 10 mph of speed while jogging/biking.

Things We Liked

  • ​Universal bike hitch
  • Reflectors on all four sides for safety in low light conditions
  • Converts to jogger
  • Front wheel brake system
  • ​Spacious interior

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​The front wheel does not turn easily at all
  • Back tires go flat after riding few miles
  • Not easy to fold down; Needs disassembling of every part

Customer Reviews

While some customers have found Clevr 2-in-1 model to build and offering a smooth ride sturdily. Some others have said that the rear tire goes flat after just 1 or 2 miles of riding. Many users have expressed that Clevr trailer is very spacious, seats are comfortable, and cargo space is large.

On the downside, users say that it is somewhat heavy to pull.

Final Impression

Overall, Clevr 2-in-1 is a fantastic baby trailer, mainly for moderate bike riders and proves to be a good value for the price you’ll pay. One thing that makes it stand out from others is that it can be converted into a jogger.

Things to look for before buying the Best Bike trailer for Kids

Finding your best bike trailer for kids can be a lengthy process. Fortunately, we are here to help you make a sensible decision. Whether you’ll use your bike trailer for bike rides or jogging or as a stroller, following are some of the main criteria you need to consider before making a buying decision:

Type of trailer

  • Enclosed Trailers: Single vs Double 
Enclosed Trailers

Enclosed trailers are safest and widely used bike trailers, especially for toddlers. As the name suggests, the trailer is enclosed from all sides and is like a small buggy that carries 1 or 2 kids. Your children are fastened to the seat with a firm harness system.

Firstly, choose whether you will need a trailer for one child or two children. Even if you have one child, in future you might need a double trailer for your soon-to-have child. So, it is better to purchase a double trailer, as an even single child can ride in it comfortably.

The main disadvantage of the double trailer is that it might squash your kids together if the interiors are not spacious enough. Also, with a combined weight of 2 kids, one might find it hard to pull the trailer. Hence, parents with the single child must stick to the single trailer for ease of use.

For parents with two kids, make sure you check the weight of the trailer and its maximum weight capacity. The enclosed trailers have extra cargo space to store your items needed for the day.

  • Convertible Trailers:
Convertible Trailers

If you like to go on bike rides as well as jogging/strolling, make a smart choice and opt for convertible type of trailers for kids.

Rather than purchasing different gear for each activity, choose a bike trailer that swiftly converts into a jogger/stroller with a front wheel attachment. This will save a lot of money.

Some convertible trailers even come with a ski attachment. With that, you can ride over snow or ice more smoothly than with regular tires.

  • Pedal Trailers:
Pedal Trailers

Pedal trailers look more like a bike attached to an adult’s bike. It can accommodate just 1 child and is ideal for older kids who can pedal themselves. It has a unique attaching system, so the trailer stays upright, and your child can pedal on their own.

Pedal trailers do not have any cargo space to store items. Safety-wise, pedal trailers are not as secure as enclosed trailers.

Harness system

Always make sure that the bike trailer has a secure harness system that holds your child snugly, yet comfortably. The 5-point harness is the most secure and comfortable system out of all. Make sure the harness has some light padding, so your kids won’t be irritated with its fastening


Most of the bike trailers in the market today can be folded down flat for quick storage. But the real question is, is it easy to fold? Does it have quick-release wheels for easy disassembling and folding?

  • Some bike trailers require you to disassemble all the parts such as handlebar, wheels, etc. to fold it down. Such process becomes very annoying and time-consuming.
  • Look for bike trailers that come with fast-folding mechanisms or quick release wheels for easy folding and maneuvering.

Attachment style

Choose the bike trailers that incorporates universal coupler that attaches to most of the bicycle models. Some bike trailers connect to the bike’s rear axle via axle mounts. Some bike trailers have a frame mount that needs to be directly clamped to the bike’s frame. Out of these, choose the attachment style that suits your bike model.


Hitch arm is the part that connects the trailer to the bike. Some hitch arms are designed with ball and socket mechanism, so that the trailer will stay upright, even if the bike falls flat. Other hitches have springs to twist the baby trailer away from the bike in case of an accident. Average brands like Schwinn, Allen, InStep, etc. use a standard hitch. While, high-end brands like Burley design their hitch that fit precisely with the bike, thereby delivering less ‘pull-back’ and ‘give’ from the trailer.

Frame Material

The expensive bike trailer models feature alloy frame which is lightweight and easy to tow. Whereas the average models will have steel frames. Make sure the trailer has a solid build that will safeguard your kids. Some bike trailers are built into a roll cage or perimeter frame to secure your child in case of a roll-over.

Wheel Design and Tires

Bike trailers with steel rims are highly prone to rusting, especially when not stored with proper care. On the contrary, aluminum rims do not entertain rust or corrosion as much. Larger the wheel, smoother will be the ride. Look for bike trailers with 20” of wheels for stable and comfy rides. Although, 16” of wheels will also work fine, but not better than 20” wheels. Trailers with 20” tires have 15 mph of maximum recommended speed, whereas those with 16” of diameter max out at 10 mph. Some cheap knockoffs come with plastic rims that will break in no time. It is better to invest a bit more and opt for steel or aluminum rims.

Now talking about tires, air tires will smoothen your ride, whereas plastic tires will work terribly over pebbles and rocks.


It is necessary that your trailer is visible to others on the road, especially in low light conditions to prevent accidents. For that, look for a trailer that comes with reflectors on all sides or reflective stripes on the trailer itself.

Seat Design

Nothing is more annoying for kids than an uncomfortable, non-spacious and sagging seat. A trailer needs to have high-quality of padded seat and backrest to support and comfort your kids.

  • Hammock-style seats: Mostly found on low-priced bike trailers, hammock-style seats are generally made from non-padded nylon fabric and further reinforced with nylon straps to support your kids. Such straps might loosen after repeated use. Double riders might find it a bit uncomfortable.
  • Bench-style seats: Mostly found in high-end bike trailers, the bench-style seats are like a padded bench, where there’s no chance of your kids sagging or squishing together. These seats are supportive, comfortable and also provide spacious leg room for your kids.


A few essential features are always good to have in a bike trailer. Look for a trailer that has these following basic features:

  • A waterproof rain cover (made from plastic or fabric) to protect your kids from rain, wind or road debris. Low-end models have rain covers that secure with elastic bands, whereas high-end models come with zip closure.
  • Vents or Mesh so that kids don’t feel sweaty or exhausted when the shield is covering them.
  • Large cargo space to store essential items.
  • Safety flag is a must-have for protection of your kids from accidents. Since bike trailer rides low to the ground, a flag attached to a long pole will alert the motorists and other vehicles to keep distance.
  • Tinted windows that act as a sun shield and keep the interiors cool.


A good suspension system is a must-have for people who are planning to use their trailer on all types of terrains (especially for off-roading). Suspension system will absorb shocks and provide a smooth riding experience for your kids. Parents who are just going to ride the trailer on smooth pavements don’t need a suspension system.


Q. Is a Bike Trailer for kids safe to use?

As long as you avoid bike riding during peak hours or in busy lanes, bike trailers are absolutely safe for your kids. They are a perfect choice for smooth pavements and small towns. No doubt, bike trailers are safer than bike seats for kids. Even if you fall, the bike trailer still stays upright (unless your speed was very fast). Look for a bike trailer that meets ASTM safety standards.

Q. What is the ideal age of passengers for Bike Trailers?

The safest age considered for passengers of bike trailer is minimum one year. If you are using it as a stroller, make sure the baby can sit up properly without your assistance (usually after six months).

Q. What is the difference between bike trailer and bike-mounted child seat?
  • Bicycle trailers are buggy-like vehicles with two big rear wheels that are used to take your kids along with you during bicycle rides. Bike trailers are most comfortable and safest way to hang out with your kids. Plus, it can accommodate 1 or 2 children.
  • On the other hand, the bike-mounted baby seat is clamped to the bike and looks like another bicycle attached to an adult’s bicycle. It is recommended for kids who can pedal themselves but are not old enough to have their separate bicycle. The bike seat is not safe, especially in case of a roll-over.

Prerequisites to using the Baby Bike Trailer

  • Babies need to be nestled in the carrier firmly and secured with harness system.
  • Toddlers should always protect themselves by wearing a helmet. In fact, several states demand this criterion by law.
  • Aero-style” helmets that have back projections might injure your child’s neck. So avoid using such helmets at all costs.
  • Heavyweight helmets are also not recommended for young kids.
  • You can use soft cushions to support your child’s head or neck.
  • Never leave your child seated in the trailer without fastening the safety belts.

Final Words

Your ideal bike trailer is going to double up the fun of family outings and bicycle rides. There are varieties of bike trailer models launched in the market, each one of you will find the one that suits your needs and budget.

It all depends on how often you’re going to use it, what type of terrain you will use it on and what all features do you desire in your best bike trailer for kids. You will get what you pay for.

According to us, Burley Bee Bike Trailer outshines and becomes one of the best bike trailers for kids out of all the others mentioned. Every feature that is expected out of an ideal bike trailer, you will find it in Bee!

What makes it the best? Well, it has 20” of big quick-release wheels, innovative Flex Connector that keeps the trailer upright even if the bike falls, tinted windows with UPF 30 sun protection, large cargo space, 5-point harness, reflectors on wheels, foldable feature, an internal roll cage for safety and solid aluminum frame.

And it does not end here; Burley Bee is the lightest trailer in this review with just 20.5 lbs. of weight! Burley offers all of this at an attractive price point!