Best Motorcycle Goggles: Review and Buying Guide

By Tim Fox | Motorcycle

Feb 09
best motorcycle goggle


Not everyone likes to wear a full-face helmet! Some of us enjoy the feeling of fresh wind hitting our face during bike rides. But, having dust, dirt and sunrays enter your eyes kills the whole vibe! The best motorcycle goggle is highly recommended for your protection against foggy, dusty and rainy weather.

It is not necessary to spend a fortune on motorcycle protective eyewear. Anything that’s comfortable, safe and feature-packed will do the job! With myriads of motorcycle goggles flooding the market, it is quite overwhelming to choose your ideal one.

This comprehensive buying guide is going to enlighten you as to what you need to know about Best Motorcycle Goggle. We will also review our Top 8 Best Picks for 2018.

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3 Pair Motorcycle Glasses 

​Street goggles

AULLY PARK Motorcycle Glasses - Best Street goggles

​Street goggles

Fox Racing Main Goggle in Black 

​Off-road Goggles

Bobster Bugeye Goggles

​Street goggles

Enkeeo Motorcycle Goggles

​Off-road goggles

Fox Main Goggles in Red

​Off-road goggles

YC Racing MX goggles

​Off-road goggles

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles - Best Motorcycle Goggle

​Off-road goggles

Types of Motorcycle Goggles

​Now that you know the importance of using motorcycle goggles, let's talk about the types they come in. Motorcycle goggles come in wide range of varieties and it differs according to the type of riding. To make the most out of this protective equipment, you need first to check which type of ambiance you are going to use it in.

Off-road goggles 

The durability of lenses is the most vital feature you need to look for in off-road goggles. As you will be exposed to several elements, you need to make sure the goggles have clear and robust lenses. The more the lenses can fight against weather conditions, the better.

  • UV protection and anti-glare are two features that are preferred in off-road goggles.
  • Anti-glare glasses are going to protect the sun rays from directly hitting you in the eye.
  • Did you know? Sun glare is one of the most common reasons to cause bike accidents. That is why longevity and functionality of lenses are given high importance when it comes to off-road goggles.
 Off-road goggles, especially those used as dirt bike goggles are also usually incorporated with tear off or roll off posts.

Street goggles

The main difference between off-road and Street goggles is the speed of the vehicle involved. Street goggles are more popular as “On-road” eyewear and the riding speed is relatively high here. So, naturally, the protective eyewear also has to be more power-packed with features. Wind conditions will be more intense for street riding.

In a nutshell, more attention is dedicated towards airtight sealing and a perfect fit when it comes to street goggles.

Top brands of Motorcycle Goggles

​Following are the most prominent brands that manufacture the highest quality of Motorcycle goggles.

1. Oakley

Since 1975, Oakley eyewear is designed and engineered in California; one of the famous brands in eyewear. Oakley has launched fantastic motorcycle protective equipment, right from expensive models to affordable ones.

 Oakley Roll off goggles is the most high-end model amongst all that’s perfect for Motocross. Apart from this, you will find MX Sand, Special Edition, and Signature series goggles as well. Oakley is hands-down one of the most trustworthy and reliable brands for MX goggles.

2. Global Vision

With about 35 years of experience, the Global vision Eyewear Corporation is the wholesaler of sunglasses, safety glasses, and goggles. Global vision is known for its high-quality, stylish, comfortable fit and reasonable price of products.

Global Vision currently hosts millions of pairs of goggles and glasses in their warehouses. With that, you can guess how popular and prominent this brand is.

3. Pacific Coast

Pacific Coast Sunglasses Inc. is an abode to the excellent pair of glasses and goggles. All of the motorcycle goggles by PCSUN are very innovative and cool. Each model comes with comfort Flex frame featuring cushion lining and lightweight design.

What makes Pacific Coast stand out is that there is not much bulk in the goggles, but all of them work excellently in keeping the wind out at high speeds.

4. Bobster

If you are really into those light changing/photochromatic motorcycle goggles, then Bobster is your ideal brand. From regular to photochromatic and Riddick-style, all types of models are offered by Bobster.

5. Fox Racing

Fox Racing is a global leader in the production of mountain and motocross biking gear. A beautiful amalgamation of style, comfort, and innovation, all of the goggles are made to match the motocross enthusiasm.

​The Best Motorcycle Goggles in 2018

  • 3-Pair Motorcycle Glasses

Motorcycle Riding Glasses

First and foremost aspect that's going to catch your attention regarding these 3 pair motorcycle riding glasses is its price! Yes, you heard it right! You will just have to pay less than $10 for three pairs of glasses! How cool is that?

For such an amazing price, you get 3 different colored lenses, namely clear white, yellow and dark smoky lens. Let that sink in. Now, we know you must be thinking about the quality. Does it compromise with its features? And the answer to that is, no.

UV Protection

This motorcycle eyewear by Private Label has been equipped with UV 400 lenses, which do not scratch very easily. These glasses have been constructed from polycarbonate, making them durable, light and sturdy altogether.

Lenses have been further reinforced with rubber padding all around them, so you feel extremely comfortable while riding bikes. Not only that, these fillings come with vents in them to prevent the fogging process.

Great value for money

3-pair sunglasses by Private Label proves to be Best Motorcycle goggle for people with a confined budget, especially those who wear contact lenses. Thanks to three different colors of lenses, you can use them for both day and night.

Customer Reviews

Some of the reviewers mentioned these 3-pair sunglasses to be most inexpensive and perfect gear for all light conditions. Even if they cannot be considered as of highest quality, they are still better regarding features. The fit is considered to be good and they are also said to be ideal for ADV rides.

Things We Liked

  • ​Amazing price; 3 pairs provided at the cost of 1
  • Good quality of lenses
  • ​UV resistance (UV 400) is quite satisfactory
  • They fit well; Padding is comfortable
  • Yellow lenses work great in low light settings
  • Works even with full-faced helmets

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​After some time of use, the padding around lenses begins to shift
  • They tend to fog up slightly

Overall Impression

Private Label offers good quality of frames and lenses at a shockingly low price. And, what’s our most favorite thing about this product? 3 pairs of glasses while you just pay for 1!

The design of these sunglasses screams stylish, while the padding around lenses offers comfort. They manage to keep most of the wind out of your eyes, but there might be a slight air leakage through nose area though. In a nutshell, the 3-pair sunglasses are not fully sealed. But overall, you cannot go wrong with the price!

  • AULLY PARK Polarized Motorcycle Glasses - Best Street Goggles

Motorcycle Riding Glasses Black Frame

When it comes to Motorcycle protective equipment, AULLY PARK is the brand you can trust. The biggest bonus feature of these AULLY PARK Motorcycle glasses is the easy popping in and popping out of lenses.

Versatile Interchangeable lenses

AULLY PARK motorcycle eyewear features polycarbonate lenses that are shatterproof and fairly resistant to scratches. UV 400 protection makes them optimal to be worn during daylight, especially the smoky lenses.

Foam padding around the lenses is what makes them most comfortable goggles. With one frame, you get 4 different interchangeable lenses; one of which is polarized and remaining of them are non-polarized. The neutral grey polarized lens is perfect for daytime and cadmium yellow, clear MLC, and copper can be used for other light settings.

Rubber Earpads

For enhanced protection against air leakage and to provide a perfect fit, the AULLY PARK glasses come with rubber ear pads. Along with the matte black plastic frame, you also get a pouch, a stylish hard case, cleaning cloth and a sports headband. The astonishing fact is that, all of these accessories along with 4 lenses are offered at a very reasonable price.


The feature which seems to be most liked by the customers is its effortless installation. The lenses easily tend to pop in and pop out. The only complaint of few users is the tight fit of the frame.

Things We Liked

  • ​Great value for money
  • ​1 frame, 4 lenses and other accessories included
  • Lightweight design yet sturdy frame
  • Anti-fog, anti-scratch, anti-UV lenses
  • Fairly airtight
  • 45 days of money-back guarantee

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Rubber ends fit too tight
  • ​Headband provided with the glasses is of poor quality
  • Only 1 lens is polarized

Overall Impression

All in all, these AULLY PARK motorcycle sunglasses are best for daily rides. All of the lenses are pretty good and clear. Most importantly, they are very easy to switch. For the price and quality, you cannot really beat these classy glasses. With all of the accessories provided at this price, we have nothing to complain about!

  • Fox Racing Main Goggle

Fox Racing Main Goggle-Black

​Who doesn’t know Fox? Fox Racing, a veteran brand likes to stand-out from the crowd. It offers myriads of color options, so use your discretion to pick the one that compliments your style! The best thing about the Fox Racing Main Goggle you ask? It's Lexan lenses. You heard it right.

Expansive viewport

These simple motorcycle goggles feature clear Lexan lenses that provide 100% UV protection to your eyes. Fox Racing Main goggles are Powersport goggles that boast a design of triple-layer foam incorporated with a fleece liner. The strap mounted tear-off post provided with the goggles allow you to quickly remove all the dirt on the lenses by tearing the film apart.

Wide viewport of Fox Racing Main goggles has to be its most amazing feature. That is what’s expected in dirt bike goggles, isn’t it? Your vision needs to clear, wide and unparalleled.

Its anti-slip silicon strap aims to provide a comfortable riding experience.

Bid goodbye to all the wind, dust, dirt and rain from annoying your precious eyes. Fox Racing Main goggles can never go wrong for dirt bike riding or Motocross.

Dirt bike Goggles 

People seem to love the giant viewport and quality of lenses. But the lenses are known to cause sun glare and night glare problems. In a nutshell, we say these are well-designed goggles that would work great as startup goggles for Motocross.

Customer Reviews

Reviewers mentioned how much it does what it says. It keeps the dirt and dust off your eyes and fits snugly across your helmet. Crystal clear visibility and scratch-resistant design add value to the product.

Things We Liked

  • ​Perfect goggles for dirt bike riding
  • ​Anti-scratch and anti-fog design
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Excellent quality for price
  • Wide viewport
  • Good quality materials used
  • 100% UV filtering

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Might fit too tight to some people

Overall Impression

Considering the price point, Fox Racing Main Goggle is hands-down one of the Best Motorcycle Goggle for Motocross/Dirt bike rides. The expansive viewport is the most looked-for feature in such type of goggles.

 Not only does it feature wide viewport, but these goggles also come incorporated with 100% UV protected Lexan lenses. We conclude all of these features are way past entry-level motocross goggles.
  • Bobster Bugeye Goggles

Bobster Bugeye Goggles

Bobster Bugeye Goggles with a hint of Riddick style is the just perfect choice for MX sports. To be honest with you, Bobster Bugeye is the most basic pair of goggles that does what it says. Even though, it says “One size”, the strap is very adjustable and fits most of the head sizes.

One thing that separates it from all the other products is again, its price! Yes, these will cost you even less than $10.

Basic UV Protected Goggles

As mentioned earlier, there’s nothing really fancy here. The molded plastic frame is integrated with polycarbonate lenses. These lenses are intended to provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Even though these goggles appear to be small, in actual they are quite large and adequate. The lenses are shatterproof as well.


Everybody seems to love the Riddick look this Bobster Bugeye gives to your personality! The reviewers like how the foam padding around the eyes is so comfortable. Not to mention, the adjustable strap is also very soft against your head.

Customers Reviews

Most of the customers are happy with the features, as it does the basics and keeps the wind/dust off your eyes.

 The only complaint of the customers is that the lens is much opaque than as shown in the picture. Moreover, the lens pops out from the frame very easily, which creates a problem sometimes.

Things We Liked

  • ​Cool Riddick look
  • ​100% UV protection
  • Comfortable foam pads around the eyes
  • Soft adjustable strap
  • Includes a Nylon pouch; Lifetime warranty

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Non-polarized
  • Tend to fog up slightly
  • ​Venting system is poor

Overall Impression

A word of caution, if you are looking for something too functional and feature-packed, the Bobster Bugeye is not for you! It is ideal for people who are more inclined towards the look than functionality. Plus, it also fairly protects you from UV rays but might be very opaque to your liking.

What’s the brighter side? Its amazing price and extremely comfortable soft design.

  • Enkeeo Motorcycle Goggles

Enkeeo Motorcycle Goggles

A perfect amalgamation of comfort and style, these bad boys Enkeeo MX goggles are just what you need! Use it as you'd like, be it for Dirtbike rides, Skiing, ATV, off-road racing, Motocross and so on.

Want to know the best part? The lens and frame are both bendable. Extremely light in weight, anti-scratch design and clear view are the pros of the lenses.

Airtight seal

Making you look cool is the main objective of Enkeeo MX goggles. Blending style and comfort, these motorcycle protective equipment can give customized fit much to your liking. The adjustable strap allows you to adjust the length as per your head size.

Basic black frame with very soft foam padding is what ensures an airtight seal to your eyes. The venting system makes sure to keep the wind out. Large lens is offered in 3 different colors viz. Clear, Orange and Grey.

As if that’s not enough, the Enkeeo MX goggles also feature a tough built for longevity in use.

Style and comfort

If you do not really want anti-fog goggles, but just something to protect your eyes from dust, sun, and wind, these Enkeeo goggles are made for you! Thick foam padding is a huge bonus point here.

Customer Reviews

One of the reviewers mentions how they just perfectly keep you protected from dust, debris, and sun. Also not to forget, they are stated to have nice broad viewport, soft and wide adjustable strap and amazing quality. On the down side, they fog up very easily.

Things We Liked

  • ​100% shatterproof and anti-scratch
  • ​Anti-slip adjustable strap
  • Breathable and hypoallergenic foam padding
  • Bendable frame is nearly unbreakable
  • Expansive viewport
  • Versatile applications: biking/cycling/MX/ATV/UTV

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​They are not anti-fog

Overall Impression

Funky looking large Enkeeo MX goggles are much recommended for off-road, ATV and MX bikers.

The top venting system keeps the wind out whereas the bendable lens is 100% resistant to scratch. At such a low price, if you don’t really want anti-fog aspect in the goggles, definitely go for these!

  • Fox Main Goggles in Red

Fox Main Goggles

Another masterpiece from Fox Racing. What do you really look for in a pair of MX goggles? Blinding speed of the bike and whatever elements earth relentlessly throws at your face demands a protective gear. Precision optics by Fox Racing are exactly what you need in this situation!

Dirt Bike, Motocross, ATV goggles

As you can see, the amazing large viewport is what grabs your attention at first, providing an unparalleled vision. Moving on to its design, the Fox Main goggles feature triple layer face foam padding with a fleece liner, what can be comfier than that? It fits very softly against your face.

Thick foam padding

The topnotch Lexan lens offers 100% UV filtering to your eyes. On the other hand, the tear post mounted on the strap is what clears the dirt from the lens as you are riding. Guessing from looks, it is deliberately made as dirt bike goggles.

Customer Reviews

Users have expressed liking towards the triple layer foam which is equally comfortable, moisture-wicking and also airtight. Anti-fog and anti-scratch design of the lens is an additional benefit. And, guess what? Reviewers have also appreciated the removable rock guard as it offers increased protection.

Things We Liked

  • ​100% UV protection
  • ​3-layered thick foam padding around the eyes
  • Large viewport for better upward, downward and peripheral vision
  • Perfect for dirt bikes
  • Durable built

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Lenses are not 100% scratch resistant

Overall Impression

Bottom-line is these Fox Racing Main goggles are great for MX /dirt bikes, but might not work so great against sun glare. Apart from that, you can rely on the 100% UV protection and comfortable fit aspects.

  • YC Racing Motorcycle Goggles

Mx Goggles Glasses

YC Racing brings forward one of the most functional, highly versatile and Best Motorcycle Goggle for UTV, ATV, dirt bike, BMX, off-road, motocross, OTG and so on. These MX goggles excel in both quality and functionality.

Polarized PC lens

Featuring impact-resistant polarized polycarbonate lens, your eyes will be well-protected against wind, dust, rain, snow and UV rays. With clear sight, you are free to use them for any outdoor sports activities as well.

 Boasting a strong built, the YC Racing MX goggles are purposefully designed for versatile applications. Anti-slip elastic straps on the goggle can allow the customized fit to women, men, teenagers and even kids.

Lightweight and Bendable lens

Ultra-light in weight, these dirt bike goggles feature breathable foam padding for a comfortable wearing experience. Moreover, the frame and lens are both bendable and nearly unbreakable! What’s greater? You can easily store it into the included pouch.

Stylish look

​Anyone who wants to have a versatile pair of goggles must go for YC Racing MX sunglasses. Perfect for any biking adventures and outdoor sport, this motorcycle eyewear will certainly not disappoint you.

Customer Reviews

Customers are highly satisfied with its cool funky looks and comfortable design. There are almost no complains and negatives about this set of goggles. Major pros stated by reviewers are its lightweight frame, appealing colorful design, high-quality materials and polarized UV protected lens.

Things We Liked

  • ​Cool appearance and high quality built
  • ​UV protection
  • Amazing for ATV, UTV, off-road, motocross, dirt bike, downhill rides
  • Soft elastic strap is comfortable
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Not really anti-fog

Overall Impression

To wrap it all up, the YC Racing MX goggles has strong built and fair performance. Even though it is not anti-fog like professional goggles, it is still perfect in all other aspects. What we love about these motorcycle gear is its versatility. And of course, who would not love the stylish colorful frames?

  • Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles - Best Motorcycle Goggles

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles

While you are all set to take it on dirt and wind, Oakley MX Goggles is going to back you up strongly! These O-Frame MX Goggles features a silicone-lined strap that fits snugly across your head.

Anti-scratch and Impact-resistant

Oakley has ensured to make the lenses of O-frame to be extremely sturdy and durable. Why is that? Since this eyewear is to be used mostly for dirt bikes, the lenses are obviously expected to be of highest quality. Oakley O-frame claims to be anti-fog, impact-resistant and anti-scratch, thanks to Lexan lens that withstand harshest environments.

The transparent lens allows ample amount of light to penetrate through them for rider's wider and clearer view of the track.

Engineered to be used for dirt bikes, the innovative frame has been crafted with urethane for utmost flexibility, even in extremely cold weather.

Moisture-wicking design

Oakley O-Frame MX Goggle features triple layer foam all around the frame to wick away excess moisture. Moreover, it will also prevent the sweat from getting into your eyes or fogging up of the lens.

Apart from this, the strap has silicone lining on the inside to ensure a snug and stable fit across your face. This adjustable elastic strap is comfortable enough to be worn for long hours.

A 2-pin mounting system is incorporated within the O-Frame to be compatible with Oakley's advanced tear-offs (sold separately).

Customer Reviews

Customers have used it for biking and found it to be very comfortable. These goggles are said to fit tightly around your face and keep your eyes quite warm, even in cold weather. All credits to triple layer foam fleece around the lenses. If you want something that’s not too cheap, yet affordable, these Oakley O-frame are optimum for you!

The widespread issue found with the O-frame is that the size might not fit all face frames. Some of the customers found it to be too tight and almost impossible to put them on!

Things We Liked

  • ​Ideal for dirt bikes, motocross
  • ​Silicone treated strap is fairly tight and comfortable
  • Wide viewport allows clear vision
  • Attachment system included for tear-offs
  • Materials used are of premium quality

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Not as advertised; tends to fog up slightly
  • ​Might not fit large face frames

Overall Impression

In a nutshell, Oakley O-Frame MX goggles have every feature that is expected in an ideal motocross eyewear. All of which is offered at an average price. If you do not want to compromise with the quality at all, go for these stylish and feature-packed Oakley O-Frame goggles to destroy dirt biking!

In-depth Buying Guide for Motorcycle Goggles

That was all about Best Motorcycle Goggles available in the market, now we will guide you through the process of how to choose the ideal ones for yourself, what features to look for in them and other such significant notions.

How to choose Best Motorcycle Goggle?

Out of all types of motorcycle goggles available, riders have this mind-bending task of picking their ideal pair. From tinted lens to clear ones, off-road to street goggles, riders need to make their decision wisely, all while keeping the weather conditions in mind.

  • Best motorcycle glasses will have foam lining around the lenses to make it more comfortable and protective.

Always choose the goggles that are safe, adjustable in design and stylish in look. Let's discuss in detail what features you need to check while deciding on the Best motorcycle goggle.

What do you get when you spend extra bucks?

If you spend little extra bucks, high-quality goggles are going to give you much better-vented system to stay cool, better design to promote airflow and OTG feature as well.

ANSI Approval:

Safety goggles are best when they abide by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Z78.1 regulations. Such goggles are tested under extreme weather conditions to ensure your best protection. You can also use them in laboratories, industrial applications, on construction sites, so on.

Features to look for in Best Motorcycle Goggles

Cheap goggles don't really have to be useless, ugly or non-functional. Here are some of the features to look for at an affordable, yet best motorcycle goggle:

1. Safety

Even the smallest safety feature will give birth to best motorcycle goggles.

- PC lens: Polycarbonate lenses are flexible and lightweight. PC lens is less likely to get scratched as compared to glass. Moreover, PC composite material is also UV protected.

For enhanced protection, look for goggles that have premium hardeners and coatings on PC lens to make it more sturdy. But, the light should still pass through the lens for clear vision.

-UV Protection: Too much exposure to the sun is very harmful to eyes, so make sure you select motorcycle goggles with UV protection. Cataract is one of the serious eye issues caused due to overexposure to harmful UV rays.

-Anti-scratch lens: What good is the motorcycle protective equipment if it is full of scratches? There is no lens out there which is entirely scratch-proof. But you need to look for lenses that are fairly scratch-resistant and are processed with hard coatings.

-Polarized lens: Glare is known to be a very popular reason for bike accidents. Hence, Best Motorcycle Goggle will have Polarized lenses to shield your eyes from excessive light and glare. Polarized lens is not coated; rather it is integrated with sandwiched crystal series on the inside of the lens to prevent the scattered light from entering your eyes.

-Anti-fog: Anti-fog goggles are treated with a semi-permanent layer to prevent them against fog. This feature is important, especially when you are going to use motorcycle goggles in cold weather conditions.

2. The color of the lens

The dark color of the lens will naturally absorb more light as compared to light ones. You should really check the color of the lens, as color really matters in the outcome of your vision.

  • Amber/Orange tint: Orange or Amber tint will greatly reduce the blue light. As we all know, blue light is the major contributor to glare which brightens and increases the contrast of light.
  • Grey: Grey is the color that works best in neutralizing the effect of sunlight. Darker hues of grey are recommended when you are exposed to heavy sunrays most of the time. Lighter hues of grey are much desirable for moderate exposure to the sun.
  • Yellow: The yellow lens is best used in dark settings or simply when the sun does not shine so bright.
  • Clear: You can wear clear lenses during the rainy season when it's cloudy or at night. But they do not really best to be worn during the daytime.
  • Brown/Red: Brown and red colored lens will provide enhanced protection against UV rays.

3. Comfort

Glasses without foam will last longer, as foam tends to deteriorate with time. But, goggles without foam are uncomfortable as well. Before deciding on your purchase make sure the goggles allow snug fit, have proper ventilation and the strap is comfortable and anti-slip.

Thickly padded or multiple layers of foam padding is preferred when you are going to wear MX goggles for an extended period.

4. Style

Wrap around the type of goggles is contoured so they can be wrapped around your face. This kind of powersport goggles is perfect for sailing and biking. Those of you who wear contact lenses must go for wrap-around style to keep off dust and wind from entering your eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​1. What is roll-offs and tear-offs?

A. Both mechanisms are very innovative and popular. They involve incorporation of several layers of clear films over the goggles which you can either roll off or tear off when accumulated with dirt. Whenever the current film blocks your vision due to dirt, you can just remove that film for clearer vision. Roll-offs are much better and expensive than tear-offs. Both types are mostly ideal for dirt bikes.

​2. What is the difference between goggles and glasses?

A. Glasses are worn under your helmet; goggles go over your helmet with the help of adjustable or elastic strap. Glasses can fall off, but goggles won’t fall off due to the strap is worn snugly around your head. Goggles are much better in offering airtight seal and protection against weather elements.

​3. How to maintain Motorcycle goggles?

A. Wash them with warm water and mild soap. Let it dry completely and store them away from hot temperatures. Always use a microfiber cloth to clean the lenses to avoid scratches. Store them in a case, when not in use. Hard detergents will dry out the foam and cause its wearing beforehand. So avoid using them.

4. Can you wear goggles over the helmet?

A. You can wear goggles over ¾th helmets, skull caps, motocross helmets and even modular helmets. Full-face helmets do not really require goggles.

5. What is UV 400 Protection?

A. UV 400 rated lens will protect both UVA as well as UVB rays from entering your eyes.


Oakley O-Frame MX goggle is the Best Motorcycle goggle if you consider all the excellent features. Urethane impact/scratch-resistant lens, stylish looks and silicone lined strap, all of the desirable features are included in the product.

And let’s not forget, Oakley O-Frame goggles can be used for off-road sports, thanks to comfy foam padding and tear-off attachment! All of these features are offered at a reasonable price, which is what makes it our top star!

But if you are looking for Street goggles, then AULLY PARK Motorcycle Glasses is best in its category. With versatile interchangeable lenses, UV 400 protection, comfy foam padding around eyes and shatterproof/anti-scratch lens, one cannot really go wrong with this pick!

The most amazing thing about AULLY PARK glasses is that it allows extremely easy popping in and popping out of lenses. One of the lenses is polarized, while all the other 3 are non-polarized; ideal for every light setting. All of these features are attainable without paying an arm and a leg!

the Best Motorcycle Goggles