Best Photography Websites in 2017 To Follow

By Andy Stone | Camping

Dec 19
best photography websites in 2017

Do you love photography? Do you want to learn how to take a professional photo? Here are a list of Best Photography Websites

The Internet is full of websites with tutorial and resources for photographers, but having a lot of websites can be confusing so we create a list of top photography websites.


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Table of Content

National Geographic

National Geographic

Through the world’s best scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, The National Geographic provides you everything you need to know concerning the captivation and entertainment of a global community in various ways. It is a nonprofit global organization that is committed to explore and protect our planet.

500 PX


photo 500px is a photo community which is started in 2009 to help photographers discover, share, buying and selling their photography with people worldwide.

Here is one of their best page if you want to learn more about photography.

Digital Photography Review

DP review

If you are just starting photography or want to buy new Camera then this is the best place to start with. DP Review built around helping consumer find best cameras, lens and any other staff connected with photography. They provide details review, buying guide, community to help photographers and much more.

Peta Pixel

Peta Pixel

It was established in May of 2009 by founder Michael Zhang, a photography enthusiast, entrepreneur, and a programmer based in Davis, California. As a leading blog covering the world of photography, Peta Pixel aims to inform, educate, and inspire in all photography-related things

Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos

Founded by Henri Cartier-Bresson in 1947, the Magnum Photos has been providing the highest quality photographic content to an international client based media, charities, publishers, brands, and cultural institutions. It has established itself as the authentic and storytelling photographic brand and is remaining loyal to its original values of uncompromising excellence, truth, respect, and independence.

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman who founded the “The Sartorialist” began with the idea of creating a two-way dialogue about the world of fashion and how it’s related to daily life. Some of his works were featured in some of the famous magazines. In addition to that, 100,000 copies of his works were sold in 2009 when Penguin published an anthology of his images.

Digital Camera World

Photo Club

An award-winning international media group. A specialist in photographic magazines, books, and training. Sold outside the UK as Digital Camera World, Digital Camera is the UK’s best selling photographic magazine.


An online community created which provides lively forums, competitive photo contests, information about the hottest gear, tutorials to help you on your journey, and inspirational interviews that brings people together. receives 3.6 million visits monthly and more than 4.8 million photographs have been uploaded since it’s founded more than 20 years ago.

Photo District News


The Photo District News (PDN), who’s been covering the professional photographic industry for over two decades, is an award-winning monthly magazine for the professional photographers. It provides in-depth features on the photo industry, including interviews and profiles, reports on new products both analog and digital, information on useful sources for professional photographers and it also covers breaking news stories.

Digital Photography School

Digital Photography school

Darren Rowse is a digital photography enthusiast who founded the Digital Photography School in 2006. Digital Photography School is a website and as well as a learning environment that provides simple tips to help digital camera owners get the most out of their cameras through the lessons and informations being discussed in the site.



As a globally-active organization, Lomography dedicated itself to experimental and creative photography. Through their constantly expanding collection, the Lomography promotes photography as an inventive approach to communicate, absorb, and capture the world.

The Photojojo Store


As the name of the site indicated, The Photojojo Store runs an online shop and has published a book with Random House. They’ve have also earned a number of subscribers, fans, and followers and was also featured on New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, CBS Early Show, and lots more.

The Luminous Landscape

the luminous landscape

The Luminous Landscape is a company that is focused on photographic education and as well as providing comprehensive information resources for photo enthusiasts around the globe. It was founded by Michael Reichmann in 1999 and it continues to evolve. Today, the site receives more than 1.2 million views a month from almost every country on the world.The Luminous Landscape, the photographer’s knowledge resource.



Fstoppers is an online community that is focused on developing inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals. It was established by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris in 2010. Presently, the website reaches up to 1.5 million photographers and averages at about 4.2 million pageviews a month. That being said, this should be enough for you to go give a try on this site.

Cambridge in Colour

Since its establishment in 2005, the Cambridge in Colour has grown extensively both in content and in the number of visitors it attracts. Cambridge in Colour is an online learning environment where photographers are welcomed to come and improve their skills in photography. That being said, photography tutorials are also available in this site.

Stuck in Customs

stuck in customs

Trey Ratcliff, who founded the site, has images which are other-worldly, mind-blowing creations that appear to be some Photoshop trickery post productions at first glance but it’s really not. Ratcliff shares his real and inspiring photography techniques which makes them more incredible.

A Photo Editor

a photo editor

The former Director of Photography for Men’s Journal and Outside Magazine, Rob Haggart, edited the site “A Photo Editor”. The site posts at about 4 posts per week.

The Photographers’ Gallery

the photographers gallery

The site was established in 1971 and was considered as UK’s foremost venue for learning and presenting through photography. The Gallery also organizes projects that involves participants and audiences in making and using photography as a starting point for learning.

Steve’s Digicams

Steve's digicams

Steve’s Digicams was founded in 1997 and was created by Steve Sanders, whose objective is to share his love and his 35 years of skills in photography with the rest of the web. Steve's Digicams strives to introduce new readers to the world of photography, and as well as inspire others to do the same thing.

Joe McNally Photography

joe mcnally

Joe McNally, an internationally acclaimed photographer whose career in photography has reached decades of years, is undeniably famous for its blog that entirely displays all of his works. With his ability to execute a wide range of assignment work, he was often described as a generalist. His most well-known series is “Faces of Ground Zero - Portraits of the Heroes of September 11th”

Scott Kelby

scott keleby

Scott Kelby is the president of KelbyOne, an online educational community for photographers, Photoshop and Lightroom users. He is also an editor and a publisher of Photoshop User Magazine, and the author of a string of a bestselling Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography books.

Visual News

visual news

Visual News is a publication of Column Five. The stuffs that makes us want to slow clap and see it again, Visual News is a home for the world’s most fascinating visual content. The site gives visual content makers insight and inspiration by celebrating great work, whether made by big-budget brands or lone wolf designers.

Chase Jarvis Blog

chase jarvis

Chase Jarvis is an award winning photographer director. A man who have created lots of still and moving pictures for himself and the others. Chase Jarvis is a well known visionary photographer, director, and a social artist. Posts at about 2 posts per week.

Outdoor Photographer

outdoor photographer

Outdoor Photographer is the beginning magazine related to outdoor photography, whose photography technique articles are organized to support you to capture the best wildlife, travel, and outdoor sports photography.

DIY Photography

DIY photography

​A home devoted to DIY, Photography and Lighting. A place of inspiration, education, gear chat and a place for photographers to hang out. With a strong focus on educational content, they feature some of the best and most inspiring photography found worldwidbt, exciting behind the scenes footage, gear reviews and photography tutorials.

Photography Concentrate

photography concentrate

Photography Concentrate provides you with tons of helpful articles that are totally free stuff and tutorials created to help you learn the photography techniques faster.

Feature Shoot

feature shoot

Alison Zavos started the Feature Shoot in 2008 and has now arranged an archive of over 4,000 posts of exceptional photography from all around the world. A site that stand with the belief of, the photography is a powerful mode of storytelling, and it shares works that have a strong narrative vision.

Thomas Hawk

thomas hawk

Thomas Hawk is an American photographer. A man who’s working on his 1,000,000 handcrafted, lovingly created, individually finished and processed photographs who is mostly focusing on America . When he is not taking or processing the pictures, he’s mostly thinking about the picture.



To shine a light on subjects that shape our world, Foto8 supports photojournalism and it also connects on documentary photographers authors and audiences, creating interactive displays, photography exhibitions, books and magazine publications.

Photography Blog

photography blog

With the sole purpose of being a weblog about photography, the PhotographyBlog was established in 2003. The site was being managed by Mark Goldstein, who is a professional photographer and aims to inform the photographers about the things they need to know regarding photography.

Light Room Killer Tips

lightroom killer tips

Scott Kelby is the creator of Lightroom killer tips, a website that provide information, tips and territorial to help photographer, 


photo focus

With the aim to assist you in your success as an artist, Photofocus is here as a helpful and educational resource for you, aspiring and experienced photographers regardless of what type of photography you’re focusing on. They also provide tutorials about photoshop that will help you understand most of its concepts.

Everything Everywhere

everything everywhere

Gary Arndt, who founded Everything Everywhere, is a self taught travel photographer who has been traveling, blogging, and taking photos around the world ever since. He was named, “Travel Photographer of the Year” by both the society of American Travel Writers and the north American Travel Journalists Association. Has also visited 7 continents and over 180 countries and territories around the world.

JM Colberg

jm colberg

Jorg Colberg is a photographer, writer, and educator. He is a self taught photographer who uses a variety of approaches to image making including image capture on mostly-medium format film and works with found, archival or appropriated imagery.

Dive Photo Guide


Dive Photo Guide features underwater photography technique guides, travel and destination guides, photo galleries, equipment guides, daily news, product reviews, event calendars, competitions, and a community of over 50,000 underwater photographers and videographers from around the world. DPG also hosts underwater photography expeditions several times each year

The Phoblographer

the phoblographer

The Phoblographer offers reviews, tips, tutorials, and news from a lifestyle point of view. It explores the world of photography and pop culture’s effects on the art form. It is website that explores the photographers’ psychology as they do their work.

Photography Life

photography life

The Photography Life aims to support photographers of all levels by providing them with different digital photography reviews, articles, tips, tutorials and guides. The site posts at about 6 posts per week.

Jeremy Cowart

jeremy cowart

He was an artist at first. But now, he was hailed as one of the trailblazers in the industry and now sees photography as a natural extension of his passion for the arts. He is a photographer and the founder of Help-Portrait based in Los Angeles, CA and Nashvile, TN.

Flak Photo

flake photo

The Flak Photo is an online photography channel, that presents the work of artists, curators, bookmarkers, and photo organizations to a global audience of people who are passionate about visual culture.Andy Adams, who is the founder of Flak Photo, is a digital producer and photographer who’s passionate about promoting arts experiences online.

Lens Scratch


LENSCRATCH has featured the work of thousands of photographers and has provided a platform to launch numerous portfolios since its inception. LENSCRATCH is a daily journal that explores contemporary photography and offers opportunities for exposure and community. Alan Smithson, who founded LENSCRATCH in 2007, aims to write about a different photographer each day, to present a wok in a way that allows for a deeper understanding of a photographer’s intent and vision.



Established in 2003 by David Nightingale, an acclaimed, award winning photographer and instructor, as well as the creative director of Chromasia Training Limited - a photographic and post production training company that specializes in online photography and Photoshop training, one to one tuition, and the delivery of high quality workshops around the world.



Zack Arias is a talented photographer with huge list of big name clients include Coca-cola,Range Rover, Panasonic, and many else. He share his experience in his most read blog with his photo.


wet pixel

Owned and published by Eric Cheng. In 2003, Wetpixel and Eric Cheng were awarded the prestigious Antibes Festival prize for best website. Wetpizel is a strong, focused community of over 20,000 photographs of underwater with up-to date news, articles, gear reviews, photo contest, and dive expeditions.


karen walrond

Chookooloonks illustrates what it means to thrive and is an award-winning lifestyle, travel, inspiration, and photography website, about living with intention and a sense of adventure. Itwas first published in 2004 by Karen Walrond, a lawyer, sawyer, speaker, photographer, and as well as an author of a best selling book, The Beauty of Different.

Photo Attorney

phtot attorney

The founder of Photo Attorney, Carolyn Wright, is a professional photographer and is a full-time attorney who practice is aimed fairly at the legal needs of photographers. She now helps the other photographers to protect their work through the Fortune 500 clients in multimillion dollar litigation which she has presented.

Eric Kim

Eric kim

Eric Kim is a photography teacher presently based in Berkeley, California and aims to produce as much as “Open Source Photography”  to make photography more accessible to to everyone.


picture correct

Picture Correct is a website that is a valuable resource to photographers of all levels whose main goal is to serve some of the best informations that are relevant to photographers everywhere. Richard Schneider launched the Picture Correct in 2003 with the objective to serve photography tips and techniques to artists across the globe

Burrard-Lucas Wildlife Photography

burrard lucas

Will Burrard-Lucas is a wildlife photographer based in UK whose main goal is to use innovation and technology to achieve fresh perspectives in his works. Will also established Camptrations, a specialising company in products for remote and camera trap photography and as well as, a website that offers a range of educational resources and safaris for photographers.

Moose Peterson

moose peterson

Moose Peterson is a wildlife photographer whose true passion has always been and remains photographing the life history of our endangered wildlife and wild places. He is also a part of Epson’s Finish strong ad campaign and is acreative producer and photographer of his acclaimed film: Warbirds and The Men Who Flew Them.

Food Photography Blog

food photography blog

Food Photography blog is a blog for MDR Photography Classes - classes that are all about food photography. Christina Peters, who founded the Food Photography Blog, is a food photographer, teacher, and blogger based in Los Angeles who’s been shooting professionally for more than 20 years and teaches at food photography classes.


Plant 5d

When the Canon EOS 5d Mark II was announced, planet5d was born and has have initially covered mainly the “DSLR video”. Mitch Aunger, who calls himself “planetMitch” is the founder of planet5d who lives in Missouri (USA). planet 5d is a premiere handcrafted curated news channel for digital photography, filmmaking, and video production.

Light Stalking

light stalking

Light Stalking is a website that is all about beautiful photography. Light Stalking intends to spread the word out about the talented and awesome photographers who produce it and tries also to impart a little knowledge about the techniques behind the art. Posts at about 10 posts per week


we and the color

WE AND THE COLOR is a web magazine for your daily art and design inspiration that features outstanding projects of various creative field. It covers art, photography, illustration, architecture, fashion and motion blog

iPhone Photography School

iphone photography school

iPhone Photography School provides you with tutorials on how to improve your iPhone photography and iPhone editing. Founded by Emil Parkalis, a self-taught iPhone photographer and photography teacher. IPS receives 500,00 monthly unique visitors and in-depth tutorials created by some of the most admired photographers on Instagram.

Ming Thein

ming thein

Ming Thein is a photographer who takes photography as a full-time passion. Ming Thein is a commercial photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia who specializes in product photography on location and corporate reportage.

Ken Kaminesky

ken kaminesky

Ken Kaminesky is a self billionaire inventor who worked at NASA and CERN. He explored 8 continents including Atlantis and have won 2 Nobel prizes, a Pulitzer, six Grammy’s and People sexiest man alive 3 years running. Currently working on developing cold fusion reactors which provides free clean, sustainable energy to all mankind for centuries ahead.


dzine blog

DzineBlog is a blog design to provide you with useful tips and tricks about photography, as well as business strategies and even up-to date news


photo journal

Digital Photography Journal is a web blog that focuses on the news, reviews, tips and tutorials of digital photography and the products related to it. The website has been active since April 2005 and is basically updated on daily basis

Nirav Patel Photography

Nirva Patel Photography

Nirva Patel an Engineer who choice to follow his dream in photography. He use his blog to share his photography journey and inspire other photographer with his amazing photo.

The Photo Argus

the photo argus

The Photo Argus brings you useful information, inspiration, technique, photographer features, and more. It is a website that serves as a resource for photographers from novice to advanced.

Drizzle and Dip

drizzle and dip

Sam Linsell, who established Drizzle and Dip, is a professional food stylist, recipe developer, and food photographer hunting down the delicious things in life. Her background is a mix of hospitality management and food brand marketing which has been quite useful in her career.

Improve Photography

improve photography

Jim Harmer is the man behind this blog, a well-known photographer and blogger living in Meridian, Idaho. Millions of photographers around the world read his photography blog. Also, He Has a Weekly Podcast in his website 

Photography Bay

photography bay

The Chief Editor and Founder of Photography Bay, Eric Reagan, is a photographer who has an eclectic background that includes a law degree from the university of Tennessee and practiced business law including copyright and trademark issues. Photography Bay is geared toward photography enthusiasts interested in the latest cameras, photo accessories, software and techniques for staying in tune and expanding their horizons.

Click it Up a Notch

click it up notch

Click it Up a Notch provides you with photography tutorials, inspirations, and realize you are not alone when trying to learn how to capture the everyday moments of your life. Courtney Slazinik, the Founder of Click it Up a Notch, is a former teacher who got into photography and is a willing person to share her experiences over the past 5 years and open the door to photography for other moms.

Photography Blogger

Photography blogger

Photography Blogger is a creative photo journal for photographers that features useful tips, inspirations, showcases and more. The Photography Blogger posts at about 2 posts per week.

Scott Wyden Kivowitz

scott wyden

Scott Wyden Kivowitz is a blogger, photographer, and an educator based in New Jersey, USA and have written many books on photographic topics including long exposure, panoramic, and street photography. Scott is also the Community and Blog Wrangler at Imagely, a company making WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting for photographers.

Daily Walks

daily walks

Diane Varner, the Founder of Daily Walks, focuses on nature art photography. She placed 2nd on International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition and was named as the “Best American Photoblog” in 2010.

Photography Tips

photography tips is for everyone who are interested in photography. It aims to help beginners who have just started in photography, and became so good at it that they turn into advanced amateurs. In addition to that, accomplished photographers still, will find useful tips and hints of photography here.

Zach and Jody

zach and joy

Zach and Jody is a site that empowers photographers to run great businesses. It was also named as one of Nashville’s top wedding photographers in 2009, one of Wescott’s Top Endorsed Pros, members of the exclusive SanDisk Extreme Team and have also been published in leading publications such as People Magazine, Rangefinder, and Southern Weddings

Photography Talk

photography talk

Photography Talk supports photographers tell amazing stories with their cameras. It is an international camera club for those who love photography. Presently, over three million of people supports Photography Talk. It is an essential site that tackles serious photographic news, discussion, updates, and as well as mentoring.

Melissa Jill

melissa jill

Melissa Jill is a photographer who focuses on wedding photography. Melissa is a wedding photographer for hire and one of the best around for more information visit here site.


pixy blog

PixyBlog’s main objective is to provide the technology to give photographers their own bespoke portal to the world they can display and sell their work. It is a photoblogging service for both the amateur and professional photographers alike, and is comprehensive and easy to use. PixyBlog was launched at the beginning of 2008 with the aid of some of the most distinguished photographers.

Skip Cohen University

skip cohen universty

For emerging photographers, this site could be the best one for you. SCU is an online and live educational resource and it’s a part of Marketing Essentials International, an educational and marketing consulting company that is established by Skip Cohen, who is the president of the said university. Skip Cohen University is a place which provides both personal touch and online education you need to make a go. You may want to give it a try.


Tiffin box

Tiffinbox is a blog for image makers - those who uses photography or moving images to emphasize and communicate their vision of the world, with the world. Seshu, the Founder of Tiffinbox, is a photographer who works with families in Connecticut who works behind the scenes to gather, link and publish informations that you may find interesting.

Photo Naturalist

photo naturalist

Photo Naturalist is a blog that focuses on nature photography. It covers all kinds of nature photography such as wildlife, landscape, flowers and even a little bit of macro photography. The Founder of the site, Steve Berardi, is a nature photography. Some of his photographs were featured by Nature Photographer Magazine, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Sierra Club.

Fashion Photography

fashion photography blog

The Fashion Photography is the place for young hopefuls and seasoned pro’s alike when looking for informations about the fashion photography world. The blog has quickly grown and placed #1 in online educational resource for fashion photographers in the world.

Love Me Do Photography

love me do

Love Me Do Photography focuses on wedding photography. Its main objective is to capture the genuine love and affection between the couples they photograph. The site’s photographers draws from traditional training and classic aesthetics and combining vintage, feminine, and romantic styles.



Nathaniel Dodson, who’s been running since the middle of 2006, is a young web designer and celebrity-style portrait photographer and has been working in the design and creative field since he first started dabbling with Photoshop at the age of 12 back in the year 2000.

Photography For Real Estate

photography for real state

The main goal of Photography For Real Estate is to help real estate photographers to be successful. Larry Lohrman, who founded the PFRE, is a photographer, editor, and also an author. He published the book, The Business of Real Estate Photography, A System for Starting and Operating an Independent Real Estate Photography Business

Anna Delores Photography


Emily, the woman behind the “Anna Delores Photography” is a photographer that offers an authentic fine art wedding photography in Santa Barbara and Ventura County. To her, photographing weddings makes her a happy lady.

Rosh Sillars

tosh sillars is all about digital marketing, social media, photography and solving your combination code. Rosh Sillars is a veteran photographer with a photojournalism background who specializes in people, food and interiors and has earned his BFA in photography at the College of Creative Studies (CSS), Detroit.



Photigy was built with the main objective to help people turn their business passion for photography into a successful business, believing that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. Paired with key learning objectives, Photigy’s curriculum features an incredible variety of educational materials.

Dan Carr Photography

dan carr photography

Dan Carr is an editorial, commercial and fine art photographer from Whistler, BC, Canada. He also provides photography educational products and services through Shutter Muse, his company. Some of his works were also featured in ski magazines and commercials across the world.

Elevate Photography

elevate photography

Elevate Photography is a team of wedding photographers in Colorado who were passionate at capturing life. Elevate’s creative and photojournalistic style esure amazing images of the most important day of your life. The site is also awarded as “The Knot’s Best of Weddings” 5 years in a row.

Simone Anne

Simone anna

Simone Anne is a wedding photographer based in San Francisco Bay Area (Berkeley) who regularly travels all over California to shoot and capture weddings. Simone has been working as a wedding photographer since 2008 and have captured 75 weddings as the lead photographer.

Sprouting Photographer

sprout photography

A site that is consists of photographers whose beliefs are one, and that thing is, “There are lots of photographers that struggle, not because of a lack of creativity, but because of a lack of business fundamentals. ” which is true. With the Sprout Studio and being built by the group, its main objective is to help photographers become more successful while doing more of this thing of what they love.



All photographers have that one photo they’re very proud of and is keen to share their shooting result to get the public and/or professionals’ recognition. Photocompete is a site that features photo competitions. It has become a popular source of photo contests information for everyone who are interested.

Zac Wolf Photography

zac wolf

Zac Wolf Photography is based in New England, East Coast and Destination Wedding Photographer for the couples on the earth. His photography has allowed him to capture weddings all over the Northeast and even as far as Tokyo, Japan.

Virtual Photography Studio

virtual photography studio

By becoming better at the business side of photography, the main objective of Virtual Photography Studio is to help the amateur photographers to begin making money and help the professional photographers to gain a Six Figure income level.

Digital Photo Buzz

digital photo buzz

The main purpose of Digital Photo Buzz is to fuel the photographers creative flame and share photo tips and tutorials. Mark Stagi, who founded the site, is an award winning wedding and portrait photographer who shares his knowledge of photography as well as tips and tricks on how to be successful in running a business.

photography ca

The blog and podcast discusses fine art hotography, general and digital photography and even provide tips and techniques to improve your photography. Marko Kulik, who launched the site, is a freelance and fine art photographer in Montreal, Quebec and as well as the Administrator of the said site.

The Beginners Lens

the beginners lens

The Beginners’ Lens is a team of enthusiastic photographers who are dedicated in providing the best tips, tricks, and tutorials to other photographers off all levels.The purpose of this website is to help other casual photographers climb the photography learning curve, at their own speed, whatever the starting point is.

The Paper Deer Photography

paper deer photo

The Paper Deer Photography focuses on family photographs. Jayme, the woman behind the “The Paper Deer Photography”, is an award-winning and published Lifestyle/Film Photographer based out of Red Deer, Alberta, Servicing Central Alberta, british Columbia and worldwide.

Cowbelly Blog

cowbelly blog

The owner of this fine photography business, Jamie Pflughoeft (“flew-hoff”), solely focus on her #1 passion, which is the commercial and editorial photography, focusing on domestic animals but with travel, hospitality and lifestyle, photography thrown into the mix.

Street Photography Magazine

street photography magazine

Street Photography Magazine is the right destination for street shooters to exhibit their work. A tool to share tips, tricks, and techniques, to reach the next level in creativity and technical skill. Rob Patterson, who started the Street Photography Magazine, is a photographer who really loves street photography.

Learning The Light

learning the light

Alan, who established Learning The Light, shares his progress as an amateur photographer and shares the tips and techniques that he have found useful, and hopefully showing much better images as the time goes on.

The Fashion Camera

the fashion camera

Liselotte Fleur, the woman behind The Fashion Camera started this blog in January 2014 as an extension to her portfolio website Liselotte shares her photo diaries, photography tips, behind the scenes pictures and travels in this site.

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