Best Boat Towable to Enjoy Your Free Time in Summer

By Kevin Arnold | Outdoor Sports

Mar 17
Best Boat Towable

Is summer coming your way? Well if yes then what are you waiting for, it is the right time to go and get yourself one of the best boat towable so you can enjoy your time to the fullest.

Now, most of the people have started using towable for boating as it is more fun and more enjoyable.

Towable is used for boating purposes mostly in the summertime, it is one of a difficult job to find this out in the market as you cannot just go and buy the one that looks good to you.


# of riders




​Airhead AHTF-3 Transformer 3 Person Towable Tube


​Multiple riding positions

​Airhead Slash II Rope


​Single position

Connelly Spitfire Towable Tube


​Single position

Airhead AHBL-12 Blast 1-Rider Towable


​Single riding position for everyday use

Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Towable


​Multiple riding positions

Airhead AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable


​Multiple riding positions

SPORTSSTUFF 53-2223 Super Mable Towable - Best Boat Towable


​Multiple positioning

Reviews of The Best Boat Towable

Airhead Ahtf-3 Transformer 3 Person Towable Tube

3 Person Towable Tube

The transformer from airhead contains 3 tubes in just one product. The tube is for 3 people as the center rider stays down in deck style tube. The outside rider lying on a comfy and soft pad can also opt for riding.

Main features

The tube is easily converted into the recumbent cockpit by removing the inserts inflatable and rolling the deck pads in few seconds. The cockpit mode is very secure and safe which is mostly enjoyed by the young kids.

The kids and adults feel comfortable and safe with knuckle guards deluxe handles and inflated floors. Mostly the adults and teens usually prefer wild deck ride tube which is possible with the product.

The transformer is very durable with 30 gauge and denier nylon 840 double stitched vinyl bladders. The safety speed patented valve and kwik connect to heavy-duty provides easy and fast hook rope ups, deflation and inflation.

Roomy sun deck best use for sitting and lounging. The comfortable mesh lounge and seating area. There are 4 drink holders to enjoy the ride. The storage section for keeping necessary things.

Easy and comfortable boarding with the proper platform. The handles are molded for easy transportation. Anchoring is possible with 2 strategic tie points down. The tube has total 6 person capacity.

The tube has PVC construction with welded RF seams. The latest technology is employed in designing the tube. The tube is internationally certified as per the safety and quality attributes.

Customers review

It is a fun towable and has lasted for whole summers for many of the customers. Such items are thought of being like replacing them after now and then,but this one turned out to be good and fun to use. We love the tube and have bought it for 2 times. It is best for adults since it has aspacious seating area. Holding air makes it superb and appreciated by many users.

Things We Liked

  • ​The tube is 3 in 1 and easy to transform in cockpit tube from a deck tube
  • Deluxe handles
  • Inflatable floor
  • Double stitched

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Not suitable for young kids
  • Seam flaw
  • After every 30 minutes, you have to air-up
  • Seam split


The tube is good for 3 people but it’s not safe as if too much pressure on one side, it might flip in water. The tube is not safe for young kids from a safety point of view.    

Airhead Slash II Rope

Airhead Slash II Rope

The Airhead Slash II is an exquisite towable boat from Airhead that has been embedded with a 30 Gauge PVC bladder and has quite a unique and distinct design. The Airhead Slash II features tons of different aspects such as a tropical make, a nylon body, Kwik Connect, and can accommodate up to two riders.

Main Features

The first thing you might notice about the Airhead Slash II is the exotic design and the bright and vibrant colors. The fabric is made of double stitched 840-Denier Nylon and is for the most part durable.

This best boat towable features an in-built Kwik Connect, which will help you connect easily to the main boat. The interior is capacious and can hold up to two persons. This version of the Airhead also features a 30-gauge PVC bladder tank and can store a large volume of liquid or fuel.

The Airhead Slash II has taken special care to ensure your safety, having not only reinforced the fabric to keep it durable and strong but also equipping the tow tube with four nylon handles to grab on. These handles further feature neoprene knuckle guards to keep everything intact.

Customer Reviews

Of course, customer reviews have always been more authentic than any of the garb the manufacturers shove down our throat.

So let's analyze the reviews!

The Airhead Slash II has a customer satisfaction rate of around 80%. This has been a great tube, the only negative thing I can think of is the bottom of the tube has a zipper which can unzip. Kids can easily climb in the back.I have used it a few times since I got it and it seems to be strong and very durable.

It would be a good tube to pull kids on when the water is calm but probably not when rough.

Things We Liked

  • ​30 Gauge PVC Bladder, though durability isn’t guaranteed.
  • In-built Kwik Connect that helps to connect easily to the boat.
  • Sidewalls and nylon handle for protection.
  • Nyloncovering for lesser air resistance.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​The zipper was not durable,and the tube would quickly deflate.


The Airhead Slash Pro is an overall exceptional tow tube. The tow tube certainly has good quality fabric that remains strong and durable, though according to some reviews the tube might split or tear. 

Connelly Spitfire Towable Tube

connelly spitfire towable tube

Are you looking for performance and safety? Then what you're really looking for is the Connelly Spitfire Towable Tube. This tow tube has been integrated with outboard wings that promote aerodynamics and balance. Apart from that, the extraordinary design will definitely have you falling in love at first sight.

Main Features

The Connelly Spitfire Tow Tube has tons of features, complemented by a 100% customer satisfaction. First and foremost, the tow tube has a highly fun and exquisite design that mimics that of a rocket or aircraft, and even features aerodynamic wings that aid in stability and cruising.

The bright red-orange colors allow high visibility, so your safety is at most ensured. Apart from the design and the dynamics, the Connelly Spitfire Towable Tube has also been equipped with 30 Gauge PVC Bladder and has a body made of pure 840 D nylon.

The tow tube can accommodate a maximum of two riders, though this mostly depends on the weight and size of the person. There is also compensation in case of faulty equipment, as the Connelly Spitfire offers a one year warranty.

Customer Reviews

We scavenged the website to find the best product reviews for you.

At present, the Connelly Spitfire Towable Tube has a 100% customer satisfaction rate, and take a look what customers have to say about this product.It is a nice size, easy to ride and with the wings, you can cut into the turns pretty good.

We were looking for a fun tube that's easy for most anyone to ride.  There are different ways to ride this tube,and that makes it even more fun. It was easy to stay on, by tubing standards, and I think the kids will enjoy it a lot. I recommend this tube!

Things We Liked

  • ​30 Gauge PVC Bladder that can last for years if taken care of properly.
  • Unique and modest design that flaunts aerodynamics and fun-looking features.
  • 840 Denier Nylon body that protects the skin from grazing and allows maximum traction through the water.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​No sidewalls; riders have to sit on the medial cylindrical tube that may not be as safe.


Although there is a lack of reviews for this product, the features certainly seem promising.

Airhead Ahbl-12 Blast 1-Rider Towable

airhead ahbl reivew

Are you a person who likes to ride up all by himself? Well, if you are then this tube is the best one for you. It is well-shaped and safely used by single riders. Comes along with 3 months warranty and has eye-catchingcolors and graphics which make it unique. Anyone could look at it from far away.

Main feature

There are 4 knuckle guards on this towable which helps in carrying the boat easily, they have been made my neoprene, a material that lasts long and does wear of very soon. Handles have been carefully covered with nylon so you can enjoy the comfortable grip. Also, the towable boat has a PVC bladder which has seams that are electronically welded and has a valve that is used for inflating and deflating within no time.

This product is round in its shape and has 54” diameter, it easily fits one person,but you need to see that it carries you properly and stays stable while you are on it. Also, it has a floor vent which is self-trained. Graphics are very eye-catching which makes it fun use in summer.

The package is very small and intact, does not make the job difficult for you by delivering large box at your doorstep. The benefit of this best boat towable is that one person can easily use it, so you do not have to carry along banana shape towable if you are just a single person.

Round shape of this tube makes it unique in its ownway, for a single person having around type is keeping you more stable and in the right place. Also, helps in keeping track of it all by yourself. You do not need help in carrying it as well.

Customer reviews

Many customers have praised this boat. Let’s take a look what they have to say about the experience.

Airhead blast tube is one of its kind, it has been in use for several years by so many of the customers,and it is still intact and in use. For other tubes, you need to be gentle enough but for these, it is okay to use it roughly,and you will still have a full tube without any damage. With years passing, what does happen is that inflating the power of the item lowers.

Even though it stays quite stable every time you use it,butstill, it starts to look fragile which in results brings a doubt in the mind that this is the time we need to buy a new tube.

Things We Liked

  • ​Inflating and deflating this tube is very easy and a quick task which hardly takes a minute.
  • The tube has been double stitched for more strength and durability, so you do not have to worry about its compartment leaking.
  • The 3 months warranty lets you enjoy the tube for one whole summer without damaging it in any way.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Fits only one person


For single riders who love to have their fun, this tube does the job at a very nominal price. You will not regret your decision,and the new funky design on it will just let you have a lot more fun than expected. It has been rated overall as 4.3 by our editor.

Airhead Hd-3 Hot Dog Towable

Airhead Hd-3 Hot Dog Towable

The Airhead HD tube is one of the best boat towable tubes to be used by younger people. Do you have kids at home? If yes then this is the kind for you. It carries 1-3 people so you can easily ride it with your family. One of the best thing about this is that it is quite stable and kids can ride it alone as well without much fear.

Main feature

Airhead HD has three vinyl air chambers that are of 30-gauge,and the best thing is that they are encased fully and are double stitched by the 840-denier nylon cover. Stability of this tube is very much on the place, it will help in keeping the rider in the perfect spot withfewer movements.

The sausage shape of it makes it more stable and at ease to ride it, the seats are quite comfortable which have seated pads on it so your hip won’t hurt much while sitting on it for a long time. There are knuckle guards that have been made up of neoprene which make the tube even better at its job.

This product is worth its price,and you will regret your choice once you have started using it. The shape of this item makes it stand out, a very well-stable tube which has minimal risk of being unstable.

Customer reviews

Many customers have bought this product for good use and leave positive reviews except a few customers. Let’s read about them.

All the people who bought it are happy for the money they spent; it is a good tube with a nominal price. What happens when you over inflate it? Well, it gets unstable. So, you need to make sure that you do not do that.

Children feel safe as they can sit in the middle and parents at their sides, it makes them feel protected. The packaging was easily opened,and the tube was well-compact when it comes at the first.

Some customers mentioned that they had problems with its compartment which leaked after some uses, but that is because they used it on the rough surface at the start before getting into thewater.

Things We Liked

  • ​Safety is the key feature of this brand; the material and good stitching make sure that the fabric works for a longer span of time.
  • ​Size and the packaging comes in well so not much of a hassle to unpack it and start getting the hang of the product.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​They need to be checked properly after every ride as well.
  • You always need to be very careful with compartment because you can experience some leakage.
  • Sometimes it gets unstable.


It is one of the best tubes for its price, as it fits in 3 people so you can get in with your family and enjoy the day out. It inflates and deflates easily, does not take much of your time. 

Airhead Ahm2-2 Mach 2 Towable

Airhead Ahm2-2 Mach 2 Towable

The towable tube is made from superb material quality and is a 2 person use. The tube is very durable and last for many years with great performance. The towable tube is regarded as the best in today's market as it’s very safe and sound especially for youngsters.

Main features 

The air tube fits rides with different sizes and shapes, its well-used by adults and children. The tube is very comfortable as the inflated floor provides smoothness and comfy to the riders on long rides.

There are knuckle guards with 4 handles that a rider can hold easily when soaring through deep waters. The security and safety are important attributes which are available with the airhead. The tube is durable with PVC bladder of heavy gauge.

The construction of the tube is of top quality as the durable stitched cover is made of nylon. You can make your summers memorable by using the tube for adults as well as kids.  

Two persons whether adults or kids will use the tube.  The price of the boat is high,but it’s worth the buy as it will stay with you for a long time. Thus it’s a one-time investment.

Customers reviews

Most of the customers who have used this product are very happy with it.

Let’s find out their experience:

Many of them said It is a Great and economic tube with superbdesign to have fun in the water. Best to use with kids since it gives confidence in the water.The tube is stable and big and comes with aneasy replacement. Holds the kids securely and fun ride for all.

Things We Liked

  • ​The cockpit is secure especially for youngsters.
  • The knuckle guards with durable 4 handles for the support.
  • Comfortable ride with inflatable floor.
  • Strength from double stitching.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​High price.
  • You can only ride while sitting.


This is one best boat towable from airhead is among the top best boat towable in 2018. The boat has a superb quality which gives enjoyment and amazing experience in the water. The easy deflation and inflation feature with safety valve speed patented make it outstanding among others.

Other incredibility includes a patented safety speed valve for easy inflation and deflation.

Sportsstuff 53-2223 Super Mable Towable - Best Boat Towable

Sportsstuff 53-2223 Super Mable Towable

This best boat towable has been built for 1-3 riders; it is your choice how you may use it. It is either you can just work your way through all by yourself or along with family. The size of this tube is the best for the family tube, as you can easily carry you way around. It simply keeps you amazed by the number of options it has to give you a wonderful ride on a great summer day.

Main feature

There are dual tow points of this tube which are situated at the front and the back place. So, you can easily get the rope connection and get ready for your wild ride whenever you are ready for it.

There is a comfortable backrest that makes you rest well even while on the ride and does not make your back tired. On the sides it has stabilizer walls they help in keeping the wind out,and if your kids are riding with you, they will be safe in every way.

Handles are double foamed so you will not have a hard time holding them for a longer time, a unique backrest along with a front riser makes it better than all other ones in the competition. Graphic designing is good in its own way; you get the good going game in the summer along with some ways you can ride on it.

A speed safety valve is on this tube,so it makes sure that you are safe while riding on it, having multiple handles also makes it a good tube as you do not find it hard to lose the balance.

Customer reviews

All the customers who have used this product left a positive review except the one.

If you are keeping in mind to buy the inflatable ones, then make sure you buy the Boston valves only. Choose the flat deck as well it will help more. We have spent hours lying on it and having a good relaxing time. The handles are quite good,butstill, they might get ripped out after some time if not treated well and gently. Keeping it out of the soon is a plus point,and it will let it be used for a longer span of time.Easily fixable if anything happens to it so no worries about taking it to a repairing center.

One customer reported that he lost the handle off the boat.

Things We Liked

  • ​There is zip cover which you will find in the packaging it is used to cover up your tube whenever it is not in use that makes it free from getting damaged and also stays dust free.
  • The tube is so big enough that it can easily fit in some people and you can ride it with even 5-6 little kids with you.
  • The construction quality of this tube is great, it comes up as a whole package and is of exceptional use due to its size and design as compared to other products.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Handles may get ripped out.


This is one of the best air tube available, its size and design make it unique. Worth the price as well. You will not have any worry if you buy this as it can fit up to some people. 

Buyer’s Guide

While it may seem trivial and extremely easy for some users, it is no doubt that many customers do not know where to start when it comes to buying quality products. While it isn't up to us to decide which type of product best suits you, it is important to know the general aspects of the product that you have to keep in mind.

So without further ado, here is a list of important pointers to have handy when picking out the best tow tubes:

First Things First, The Price:

It may seem too obvious, but we've seen so many customers try to go over budget and later regret it that we just had to include this. In general, never go over budget. Most two tubes and boats are affordable by middle or upper-class citizens.

Make sure that the price is as low as you need it to be, as high prices might result in financial difficulties, or worse, bankruptcy.However, be vigilant; lower price means worse quality. If the product's price is suspiciously low, consider reading the product reviews to evaluate its authenticity.

Look For Attention To Safety And Security:

When it comes to cruising, we want to be secure as possible. It is important to understand that accidents can happen, and they can result in the worst things possible.

For example, the tow rope may break, or the wind might blow the tube away, resulting in one or more person falling in the water, and worse, drowning.

Make sure that the fabric isn't light enough to be blown away by the wind, and that every person in the boat knows how to swim. Additionally, look for handles and safety straps, and wear a life jacket just in case.

Durability Is A Must:

Most people pay less attention to durability, but let us remind you that you may not be willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a product that will only last one or two seasons. Safety also gets affected by the durability.

Make sure that the fabric of the tow tube is durable and strong, and will not burst or split during the ride. Do a few test runs to see if it holds. Tow tubes that will deflate over time are of no use and do not even consider spending a single penny on those.

Nylon or No Nylon?

Nylon is a tough elastic polymer and is best for ensuring durability and strength. While admittedly there are thousands of materials much more secure than nylon, it is hard to find a tow tube made from anything better than nylon.

The fabric should be tough and un-split able. A good choice would be 840 Denier or “Ballistic” Nylon. This type of nylon was originally designed to prevent perforation and penetration, and it still holds up that value.

Distribution Of Weight:

When out buying tow tubes, it is important to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed. In some faulty equipment, the weight may vary slightly. For example, the front might be too heavy,or the back might be too light.

This can cause problems as the tow tube might falter in taking off or any other time during the ride. Try to hold the tube in your hands and see if there is variation in the weight, and discard it immediately. If buying online, be sure to read the customer reviews, and ensure that the product has a warranty.


  • What is the best way to use this product?

Once you have bought an air tube, now the first thing that you need to see is that how you may use it. Ask yourself, do you know what the best way to use this item is? Well, if not then this is the time for you to know about it.

The best way to using this product is by properly inflating it if you do not do that then sadly you will not have much fun as it will not be stable enough. Use it in the summertime that is its season; it is the time where you would have fun.

Make sure you follow all safety rules only then you are going to be safe and have full advantage of it.

  • Prerequisites to using this product? 

There are various prerequisites for using this product, the first and foremost is that you check if there are any holes or any place where the air could come out. Once you have thoroughly checked it out, then you can inflate the tube.

Inflating is the main thing when it comes to a tube, but how much is the proper amount of inflating is of more importance. Make sure you inflate the tube to a normal point not too much or not too less so that it will not cause any problems for you.  

  • Does the number of handles on the towable boat matter? 

Many people think that number of handles is nothing to worry about, but if you see clearly, they are of great importance. If there are less number of handles then that will of course not cover up much space of your tube, but it will also not keep you upright in the proper balance.

With fewerhandles, you cannot even carry the air tube to different places,and when inflated it is those handles that make us carry it at various spots.

  • Which shape towable is the best one in use? 

The shape of towable determines the performance of the tube in water. You cannot just judge by looking at the tube that how will it perform in the water, but at least you know that shape is one of the things that you can just see and chose that this is the one.

Round shaped tubes have been in for a very long time; they might be called old-fashioned,or whatsoever you have to say,but they are indeed the best ones. They float well; they keep your balance well. So, before seeing which shape will look nice or cool make sure you know that round shaped ones will give you a better ride than others.

  • When is the right time to change your tube?

Do you think that once you have a tube, it is for a lifetime? Oh well, you are certainly wrong at this point as it needs to be often changed. An air tube is an item that is used in water for sure that calls out for extra safety precautions,and you should not be too stubborn for it.

Once you see that the color is fading or you aren’t getting a better hand at it that is the time when you replace your towable boat with a new one. If your tube gets damaged, it can easily be repaired but make sure you do not use it roughly because it needs to be inflated at deflated again and again which wears it off very soon as well.


Finally, we have reached at the end,and now it’s your turn to decide which towable tube you want. If you want to ask for editor’s pick, then the best one is SPORTSSTUFF 53-2223 Super Mable Towable.

In comparison to other products, this towable tube stood at the top due to its unique designing. Also, you can fit in a whole family in it, the best thing about it is that this air tube has foamed seats which are unique in their way and have walls constructed which aren’t there on the other two towable boats.

The material is of great quality which makes sure that there are no patches to be repaired after every single ride, the double stitching is what makes this tube better and durable. It is sturdy and has handles which stay intact for a longer time.

Do you like its shape?

Well, the best thing about this best boat towable is its shape which keeps it going on the ride well and also makes sure to keep your whole family safe. Even if you are not up for a ride, you can just simply hop on it and relax your way through it by lying in the summer day. It is easily inflated and deflated and carrying it is the easiest with having some handles. Storing this sir tube is even better off as it comes with a zipper bag.