How to change car tire
Nov 15

How To Change Car Tire Like Pro

By Tim Fox | Car

Finding yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire is often a very scary and unnerving experience, especially if you don’t know how to change a tire. Throughout the life of a vehicle, it is almost certain that at some point or another it will get a flat tire. The problem with […]

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Best Snowboard Binding in 2017
Oct 22

Best Snowboard Binding Buying Guide: What You Should Know

By Kevin Arnold | Outdoors , Review

IntroductionSnowboarding is an exciting experience. Still, to truly enjoy your snowboarding adventures, you should be careful about your safety. That can be done by carefully selecting your equipment. As far as we’re concerned, the proper equipment, such as the best snowboard binding, could enhance your snowboarding performance all the way.That’s because the binding is responsible […]

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how to change your car oil and oil filter
Oct 15

How to Change Car Oil and Oil Filter

By Tim Fox | Car

Introduction Modern cars really make owning a vehicle easy. They are easy to drive, comfortable, get good gas mileage, and break down far less often than cars in the past did. Unfortunately, this high level of reliability also has a downside. Increasingly, car owners are being lulled into a false sense of security and are as […]

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how to choose water filter for outdoor
Aug 10

How to Choose a Water Filter for Outdoor

By Kevin Arnold | Outdoors

Every backpacker or camper, who frequently goes on extended trips, will tell you two things are a essential to ensure a successful trip: taking care of your feet with good shoes and socks and access to plenty of clean water. As with any strenuous physical activity, lack water can result in serious consequences; additionally, drinking […]

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