Best Fishing Wader: Comparison and Top Reviews

By Kevin Arnold | Fishing

Nov 27
best fishing wader in 2018


Firstly, fishing for us avid fishermen is not just another sport. This outdoor activity is our life. However, sometimes we must overcome some obstacles like harsh weather conditions. Thanks to one crucial fishing tool, we can enjoy fishing without limits!

A good pair of fishing waders is always necessary if you have to fish in fast streams or rivers or if you want just to get into the water. Fly fishing enthusiasts will definitely need a pair of these must have accessories.

This article will discuss how to choose the best fishing wader and show you a list with the top six products on the market. Through research, many test and errors we managed to compile the ultimate fishing wader buying guide. Let’s take a closer look!

Fishing Wader Types

Undoubtedly, there are many fishing wader types available on the market. If the ample options confuse you, we are here to help you out. The main fishing wader categories are hip waders, waist high waders and high chest waders.

Well, we will analyze each type step-by-step. Just to let you know each fishing wader type serves a specific fishing purpose. The selection depends on the fishing technique, on the water conditions and on your personal preference.

If you don’t have a set of these, some areas may be unapproachable especially if you are a beginner angler. The right type will help you feel comfortable and of course give you a nice and smooth fishing experience.

  • Hip waders

Let’s first with wader type which is hip waders. This type is the most common wader type and you can wear it really easily. Specifically, hip waders are suitable for shallow waters as they are simply constructed.

This wading system consists of a pair of boots which have a waterproof material attached to them. This material is waterproof and it reaches your hip. 

This is the best fishing wader for minimal wading and they will help you with your casts. Stillwater shallow fisherman prefers this type. If you want a pair of cheap waders that will protect your legs, this is actually the most affordable choice.

  • Waist High Waders

Secondly, waist high waders look like common pants but they are waterproof and most of them have built-in boots. The waterproof material reaches your waist. The basic advantage of this type of waders is that you can wear it just in the same way you wear your pants.

It is scientifically proven that waist high waders can help you stay cool during the summer. Many anglers who prefer to fish in warm climates use only this type of wading. Consequently, if you are going to fish during warm weather, select this type.

  • High Chest Waders or high Bib waders

Winter has come and it’s time for fishing! Thanks to high chest waders you can go fishing in cooler climates. This type of the waders is a versatile version of wading system as you can use them for shallow waters, deep waters, fast or slow streams.

The only downfall here is the price as they are slightly more expensive that waist high and hip waders. Of course you can also use them for warm weather fishing, but it is basically recommended for cooler weather.

Chest waders will protect your feet, legs and belly and they come in different sizes and shapes. If you search the market you will find out that some of them have some special features like pockets etc.

Top Brands

There is no doubt, which there are ample fishing wader solutions available on the market. However, each brand focuses on specific features. After searching the market we made our decision and picked the top brands.

- Frogg Toggs: Founded on the pillars of innovation, Frogg Toggs started in 2000 and they are the number one outdoor apparel manufacturers all over the US. Surprisingly, their first products were rained protection equipment and throughout the years they managed to improve their products.

They realized that good wading system gained in popularity so they started with the production of affordable fishing waders. They should be definitely on the list as the best fishing wader brand.

Their products are made of high quality materials, breathable of course and they have a large selection of wading systems.

- Caddis Systems: Since Caddis started constructing fishing waders, fly fishing philosophy has changed dramatically. Most manufacturers focus only on the fact “DRY” but Caddis not. Having a pair of dry fishing waders is essential, but there are several other features that you will have to look for. Warmth, maneuverability, freedom and comfort are some features that you will find in the best fishing wader made by Caddis.

- AllenCattail: If you love fly fishing, you should definitely know about ALLEN. The Company started 47 years ago with manufacturing outdoor gear, fishing and hunting equipment. All their products are “made in USA” and they also have global shipping. It is a brand that every angler can put faith in and rely on. That’s why we included some Allen fishing waders on our list. Besides that, they could be slightly more expensive than other wading systems, but it is a good brand to invest in.

Reviews of the Best Fishing Waders

Now you are ready to discover the six best fishing waders on the market. We chose only the best that will fit your fishing needs and fulfill your desires. Let’s take a closer look!

Frogg Toggs Amphib Camo Bootfoot Wader - Best Fishing Wader

Frogg Toggs Bootfoot Wader

Frogg Toogs know what they are doing when it comes to manufacturing fishing waders. They are a favorite choice for many anglers. They come in two different camouflage colors and if you take a closer look they are not simple chest waders.

They are higher chest waders than common high chest waders because they can be used for all water conditions. Fast Rivers, slow rivers, streams, deep waters etc. Please continue reading the review to learn more about them.

Main Feature

  • Material: Instantly waterproof and reinforced with a neoprene 3.5m layer and outer poly-jersey shell promises max protection from cold water and weather. Undoubtedly, neoprene is a tough material and this is the only fabric you should choose if you are looking for high chest waders.

Other Specifications and Features

  • Knee Pads: The Knee pads are reinforced and enhanced.
  • Suspenders: Additionally, even the suspenders are made of neoprene and you can adjust them according to your own preferences.
  • Attachment Loops: Imagine that you will have to attach a fishing net or pliers on the waders. Frogg Toggs took everything into consideration so they included special hook-and-loop attachments for your fishing gear.
  • Tough Boots: High density and thick integrated 600gr boots equipped with the special Thinsulate Ultra Insulation Technology

Things We Liked

  • High performance waders
  • Excellent boots and extra thick
  • Neoprene high density material

Things We Didn't Like

  • Quite expensive

Customer Reviews

  • Cold rivers for steelhead fishing. Just good and great
  • Gives you a good and warm feeling in the water
  • Absolutely waterproof and lightweight enough

Final Verdict

Finally, the best fishing wader should offer some basic features and this product fulfills even the most demanding fishing needs. What is not to love? The insulation? The tough material?

Many people prefer Frogg Toggs and the reason is just that you can buy a product that will pass the test of time.

The legendary Caddis Company made this premium item for all serious fishermen who would like to bring fishing to the next level. The specific model is higher than common chest waders and is built to serve its purpose for the entire fishing season.

Customer reviews insist that they are very easy to wear and allow freedom for your movements. The nice handwarmer pocket has an inner fleece layer to keep you warm.

Main Feature

  • 3.5mm Neoprene: Most waders have a layer of 3mm Neoprene but this pair of waders is not just another product. This model is one of the best fishing wader series due to the high quality and extra thick 3.5mm Neoprene fabric.

Other Specifications and Features

  • Double Taped Feet: There is no doubt that your feet need extra protection from the outer environment and at the same time they must be warm. The feet of these waders are double taped, glued and stitched.
  • Suspenders: Adjust the suspenders according to your body size
  • Many Sizes Available: CADDIS provides you with a helpful guide so you can choose the right size.

Things We Liked

  • Great Performance
  • Really Comfortable
  • Green Camouflage color that does not scare the fish

Things We Didn't Like

  • No built-in boots
  • Expensive

Customer Reviews

  • Durable and convenient, but makes some inner shoe necessary on rocky bottoms.
  • Great Value product for every angler
  • Nice Cut and Design, maybe bulky

Final Verdict

If you are looking to fish in shallow waters or deep waters, the Caddis waders will be your best fishing buddy. Take a closer look at the material and you will understand why it is a value for money fishing wader.

Most people tend to select cheap items, but to our way of thinking it is better to buy an expensive item that you will have the next 5 years.

Caddis 2-tone Wader

Versatility is the key to success and the Caddis Men Attractive Fishing Waders are the hallmark of innovations and versatility. The overall construction of the Caddis waders is really hard and durable. Many anglers prefer them because they are not only high performance waders but also available in many sizes!

Main Feature

  • Breathable Material: The company used a special fabric technology called CaddisDry Fabric. This technology does not allow water to come in but at the same time it does allow small vapor molecules to come out.

Other Specifications and Features

  • Double Taped Feet: Glued and double taped feet which will keep your feet warm. The only drawback is that you will have to purchase your own boots.
  • Adjustable Suspenders
  • Pockets: Contains a basic pocket with zipper where you can store your hooks, lures or other accessories.

Things We Liked

  • Breathable material suitable for many water circumstances
  • Taped and glued feet
  • Has pockets
  • Ample sizes and there is a size guide

Things We Didn't Like

  • No boots available

Customer Reviews

  • Good waders for a good price!
  • Works well for me. Not too buggy but legs are quite long.

Final Verdict

Overall, it is a good solution for several fishing conditions and techniques. The great advantage is the taped feet which will protect you from tripping in a fast flowing stream or river.

Caddis Taupe fishing Wader

If you are looking for a good pair of fishing waders to invest your money in, the Caddis Men’s Taupe is the perfect solution for you. The high chest Caddis Waders are made of polyester and they don’t allow water to come in! Moreover, it is a new version of waders which have a modern sporty flair and will fit every person.

The specific product is usually preferred by freshwater anglers who fish in warm waters, but they can be used for all weather conditions just like all chest high fishing waders.

Main Feature

  • Breathable Material: Undoubtedly, polyester is a durable material used for heavy duty activities. Caddis enhanced and reinforced the durability thanks to the CaddisDry Technology. Water does not come in and vapor and sweat stay out!

Other Specifications and Features

  • Accessories: There is nothing worse than having cold hands. It will definitely affect your casts. Caddis knows that so they gifted the waders with hand warmers. Additionally, there are gravel guards and the suspenders are adjustable for everyone.
  • Taped Feet: Protects your feet and keeps the warmth in.
  • Numerous Sizes Available

Things We Liked

  • The material is breathable
  • Suitable for almost all fishing conditions
  • Taped and glued feet
  • Hand warmers

Things We Didn't Like

  • No built-in boots
  • No D rings for the fish net

Customer Reviews

  • Couldn’t be happier excellent product!
  • Good but the footies are uncomfortable

Final Verdict

These chest high fishing waders should be definitely on the best fishing wader list. They might look a little buggy but you do not have to worry. If you select the right size you will not face any problems.

Sizes vary from person to person but Caddis provides a really helpful size indicator section.

Allan Cattail Bootfoot Wader

The hallmark of innovation is here. The Allen Cattail Bootfoot Neoprene Chest High waders promise to keep you dry and warm. This is all possible thanks to the special materials which are both durable and well-designed for heavy duty fishing.

Allen made this fishing waders to stand up to the harsh elements of nature and they are suitable for all water conditions.

Main Feature

  • Neoprene Heavy Duty Material: These pair of fishing waders are hard rugged as they are made of heavy duty Neoprene material. Neoprene is a hard material used for the construction of car tires, inflatable boats and bulletproof jackets. Furthermore, if you like to fish in cool waters, this fishing wader will be your best fishing buddy.

Other Features and Specifications

  • Knee Pads: If you take a closer look you will see that the knee pads are specially reinforced. This padding not only keeps you warm but also protects your knees.
  • Nylon knit Mossy Oak Blades: This is a durable material with high abrasion resistance and it is perfect for all outdoor activities. In the outer and inner side enhanced with 3.5mil neoprene.
  • Boots: Steelhead fishing thanks to the extra thick 100gram rubber boots with Thinsulate insulation and steel arch inside support. Consequently, you do not have to worry what’s in the water! Even if you step on sharp rocks you will face no issue.

Things We Liked

  • Hard Material and Abrasion Resistant
  • Good Quality Boots
  • Affordable
  • Handwarmer Pockets

Things We Didn't Like

  • No additional Pockets
  • Could have a better insulation
  • Maybe too bulky for some people

Customer Reviews

  • Good waders but a little heavy. Besides that I totally recommend them.
  • I bought my Allen waders one year ago and it proves that they don’t have a single scratch. Good like new!!

Final Verdict

The boot-foot design is a really good solution for both freshwater and saltwater fishermen. Fully waterproof and protected from the cold weather thanks to the Allen Cattail fishing waders. Moreover, there is a D-Ring so you can attach your landing net or maybe your fishing pliers.

Allan Bootfoot hip Waders

Looking for a quick wading solution that you will not have to spend a fortune on? The Aleen Black River hip waders are here for you! This pair of nylon waders is all you need to keep your body warm and protected.

These waders are a bit more than traditional rubber waders. Fishing is an active outdoor activity and you need much freedom to perform long distance casts. Consequently, this product will fit your needs.

Main Feature

  • Lightweight and Tough: We would like to underline the fact that they are made of nylon with two-ply upper fabric in order to offer double protection. Nylon is a lightweight material so you will have a nice and comfortable fishing experience.

Other Specifications and Features

  • Belt Loop: The convenient belt loop will bring you to the next fishing level.
  • Rugged Sole: The sole is cleated for extra protection and comfort

Things We Liked

  • Affordable Price
  • Easy wear design
  • Built-in high performance boots

Things We Didn't Like

  • Manufacturers could integrate an insulation
  • No special rings to attach other accessories

Customer reviews

  • These shoes were right on time. I'm taking a class that requires wading in a creek. These were perfect and I got them super-fast
  • Good Value at reasonable price!
  • I trust them for all my fishing products.

Final Verdict

Maybe the black river fishing waders are the best fishing waders in the category of the hip waders. Made from a hard material and they are also lightweight. It is all you need if you are going to fish in shallow waters.

Best Fishing Wader Buying Guide

When shopping for the best fishing wader there are several things you should take into consideration. You saw above some of the best products and now it’s time to explain some feature to make things clear.

Neoprene Waders

First of all, Neoprene is one of the toughest materials in the world. It is widely used by car tire manufacturers and inflatable boats. During the winter, water temperature could drop really low so you will need a good material that will protect you.

Neoprene waders are designed and made for these special low temperature conditions. Moreover, you should know that they run between different thickness like 3mm or 3.5mm.

On the other hand, you should take into consideration that this material has an important disadvantage. The material does not “breath” so it is not suitable for warm weather.

Breathable Fishing Waders

Basically, breathable fishing waders are made of nylon which is just perfect for the summer! It does not allow water to come in and parallelly the sweat comes out. You can wear them all day long and enjoy your fishing trip!

Another benefit is that breathable waders are extremely lightweight. Thus, you can have much freedom and maneuverability.

Boot Foot Fishing Waders

You may ignore this fact but you should know that it plays an important role. You will not have to spend extra money for special boots because they are already integrated. They might be slightly more expensive but to our way of thinking it is worthy of spending some extra money.

Most of them have a special insulation which will keep you warm during the cold winter.

Stocking Foot Fishing Waders

Do you already have a good pair of boots? No problem! Select Stocking boot waders is the right choice for you. Moreover, they provide an extra ankle protection.

All angler should admit that you cannot avoid tripping in a fast river. Consequently, getting a pair of good waders which will preserve your safety is absolutely essential. This type is highly recommended for fly fishing fans because they have to stand for a long period of time in a fastmoving stream.


Q: Are fishing waders completely waterproof?

A: Usually the water in a river or stream is freezing cold both in the winter and summer. If you select a good material like neoprene, this is more than enough to keep your body both dry and warm.

Q: Can I wear them easily?

A: Almost all fishing waders are created to have a nice and comfortable “Easy-wear” design. However, we must admit that hip waders are the most comfortable to wear just because they do not have a complicated design.

For the chest high waders you will put slightly more effort to get in!

Q: Do fishing waders need a special maintenance mrocess?

A: It would be a good idea to start with the concept that the best fishing wader is made of abrasion and corrosion resistant materials. However, if you are fishing in saltwater it would be a good idea to rinse the waders with water after each fishing trip.

Overall, you do not have to worry about that because they are all designed to withstand hard conditions.


Summarizing, we would like to sum up the top features that you should look for in the best fishing wader for you. The first thing is that it should be made of durable materials and have special insulation.

Secondly, you should remember that you will need some special loops where you can attach your fishing accessories. And lastly, it would be a good idea to select waders with built-in boots which should be made of high density rubber.

Obviously, the clear winner of the today’s roundup is the Frogg Toggs Amphib Camo Bootfoot Waders! To our mind, they have all the features that a pair of good waders should have.

The other waders in the review section are also good but there are some disadvantages so they cannot be used for all fishing circumstances.

The Best Fishing Wader