The Best FM Transmitters For Car: Review and Buying Guide

By Tim Fox | Car

Dec 15

Nothing can be more mesmerizing then listening to your favorite track while driving off to your destination. Best FM transmitters not only make you feel good but also makes your journey comfortable and fast going.

Keeping this drivers’ need in mind, many vehicles do come with aUSB port or auxiliary input to let you play your favorite music. Still, not all of them have this opportunity. In this scenario, the thing that can save your day is the FM transmitters.

FM transmitter utilizes empty FM frequencies available on radio and plays your music on vehicle’s speakers. What FM Transmitter basically does is converting audio output from your devices into FM radio signal. Thesesignals are then played by vehicle stereos or other portable radios.

It further makes the sound quality better and volume adjustments easier while driving.So, are you fond of listening to your favorite music while traveling? Then, here you are going to read all you need. 

There are numerous FM transmitters available in the market with a variety of essential and excessive features. This thing makes selecting the most appropriate transmitter a tough task.

Therefore, here we have come up with the list of best FM transmitters. so lets start our review for FM transmitters: 

​Product Name

​Hand Free Calling



​VicTsing V4.2 FM Transmitter with Bluetooth 



​​VicTsing 4.1 FM Transmitter​​​


Anker Smart Charge FM Transmitter Car Kit F2


JETech Wireless FM Transmitter


Nulaxy Wireless FM Transmitter - best Budget FM Transmitter


GOgrooveFlexSMART X2 FM Transmitter - Best FM Transmitter


The Best FM Transmitters

VicTsing V4.2 FM Transmitter with Bluetooth 

FM Transmitter with Bluetooth

These V4.2 Bluetooth FM Transmitters for Car are again a product of VicTsing. With great compatibility and variety of features, it comes in pure black color.  

Main Features

This FM Transmitter offers excellent compatibility with a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet, and Android Smartphones. Other than these devices, it also possesses an ability to play music from U-disk or TF cards in WMA/WAV/APE/FLAC/MP3 format.

Additionally, it's 3.5 mm audio cable can also be used to transfer music by using its Bluetooth in case your vehicle contains an aux-in port. It is valid for all 12-24V car models.  

Another important feature is its one key quick operation. This feature ensures driver safety while driving through giving it an easy option for performing different functions. Like, you can just rotate the screen for changing songs, or to adjust the frequency. For playing or pausing, you need to simply short press the button. Answering, redialing, hanging up, or rejecting call functions can be performed by pressing the button.  

This device also comes with dual USB ports. Its port offers charging options for various devices along with playing music. The second provided port is used to play music from U-disk.

Furthermore, it contains 1.44 inches LCD that displays your car voltage on starting. It also allows easy songs changing and frequency adjustments. 

With its Bluetooth 4.2, it gives amazingly strong connection and clear sound quality. It also comes equipped with CVC noise cancellation technology that reduces noise and gives off clearer voice.

It also contains abuilt-in microphone that won’t only let you attend your phone calls while driving. But its Incoming Call Number Reminder feature would read out the number loudly to make you aware of any important call.

Things We Liked

  • ​It's Bluetooth 4.2 that offers strong connections and clear voice.
  • CVC noise cancellation feature that makes the sound quality better.
  • It's two USB ports that allow more connectivity.
  • It's one quick key operation that ensures your safety while driving.
  • Its call number reminder helps you to drive safely without missing any important call.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Music is interrupted for seconds while connecting a device for charging.
  • ​It's theinability of getting fixed in much older car models.


This VicTsing V4.2 Bluetooth FM Transmitter offers easy setup along with full compatibility, clear sound quality, effortless operating, and other amazing features. 

VicTsing 4.1 FM Transmitter

2. VicTsing 4.1 FM Transmitter

VicTsing manufactures this 4.1 Bluetooth FM TransmitterCarVicTsing. It comes in grey and black color. It offers different playing mode, broad compatibility, and other amazing features to make it stay in best FM transmitter list.

Main Features

This FM transmitter comes equipped with broad compatibility. It contains Bluetooth 4.1 technology and possesses an ability to play music from Bluetooth-enabled devices.

These devices may include iPhone Android Smartphones, iPad, iPod, and tablets. It also comes with 3.5 mm audio cable that assists you in transferring songs in case your vehicle contains an aux-in port. 

Another worth-mentioning attribute is its built-in microphone. It helps you in receiving a call while driving without using your hands. It doesn’t only allow you to receive call hands-freely but also adjusting volume, and redialing or rejecting a call.

Regarding safety concerns, this FM transmitter is also made in a compact space-saving style. It can prevent you from getting disturbed during driving.

Moreover, it can help you in playing your music from three different modes. Firstly from the Bluetooth-enabled device through FM signal, secondly by streaming through your TF cards and other supporting files and last by transmitting files from USB flash disk.  

Unlike other FM transmitters, this one comes with two USB ports. One port is utilized for playing your music, and the other one 5V-1.2A is for charging your devices effectively.

It also comes with the feature of displaying your car battery when connected to cigarette lighter port of your car. This feature can be greatly helpful in letting you know your vehicle’s battery state before starting playing your favorite music. 

Things We Liked

  • ​Ability to handle calls hands-freely.
  • It's two USB ports.
  • Compact and lightweight body.
  • Options for playing music from three different modes.
  • Compatibility with a variety of devices.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​The absence of shuffle function.
  • Voice quality may decrease if the deviceis away from you while talking on a call.
  • The absence of switching-off option.


This FM transmitter allows you to enjoy great compatibility, with hands-free calling, separate charging port, playing option from different modes, and car battery display. All these features are available in quite a normal price range.

Anker SmartCharge FM Transmitter Car Kit F2

Anker SmartCharge FM Transmitter

Anker manufactures this SmartCharge FM Transmitter Radio AdapterRoav. Among our listed best FM transmitters, this one comes under one of the fanciestFM transmitters with advanced features.

Main Features

Starting from considering its compatibility with different devices, it can be compatible with any audio devices. This feature can be greatly helpful for you as it will increase its utility.

Through solid Bluetooth 4.2 and FM frequency transmission it gives off clear and stable sound from your vehicle’s speakers. Besides listening to music, you can also attend your calls through it without using your hands.

Another worth mentioning feature is its ability to locate your car. This locator is built-in inside this transmitter. Through Roav’s car-finding app, you can simply locate your car in case of forgetting your parked car with thousands of other vehicles.

It also comes with two USB ports that are equipped with advanced technology for letting you charge your devices with exceedingly high speed. It contains patented technologies like VoltageBoost and PowerIQ that elevates output and detects your device charging requirements.

This FM transmitter also gives you an opportunity to keep check and record of your vehicle battery through its Roav Charger Apps.    

Things We Liked

  • ​It's car locator that can save time and anxiety of finding a parked car.
  • Its smart technology for charging a variety of devices.
  • Great quality manufacturing.
  • It's afeature of giving a record of your car’s battery through the app.
  • Its easy installation and operating.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Slightly noise production in the background.
  • Its ability to connect automatically sometimes makes using other features difficult.


This FM Transmitter offers extensively broad compatibility along with smart charging, vehicle locator app, good-quality manufacturing, and easy operating options. The price range of this product is slightly high. 

JETech Wireless FM Transmitter

JETech Wireless FM Transmitter

This is one of the best FM transmitters Radio Car Kit manufactured by JETech. It is available in four different colors. It is easy to operate while offering 6 months warranty from JETech. 

Main Features

The most important feature that is considered while reviewing FM transmitter is its compatibility. This one offers compatibility with 6/5/4 iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Samsung devices. It plays audio files from your smart devices through your vehicle stereo with the help of 3.5 mm jack.

It not only assists you in playing music but also let you charge our devices. For this purpose, it contains an additional USB port that can charge your many devices including cell phones, and GPS tracking devices. This feature can be greatly helpful for you as it is a nightmare these days to run short of charging while going to some far off destination.

This FM transmitter is further made easy to use and operate through its clear display. It comes with easily readable and high contrast display that possesses major control buttons. This thing can help you in adjusting volume and music during driving safely.

Moreover, operating this transmitter and playing music is quite straightforward with this product. You simply need to plug in your audio device with 3.5 mm jack, adjust empty FM channel, tune the car audio with it, and enjoy!  

Things We Liked

  • ​It's sturdy ABS manufacturing that works for the long period.
  • It's user-friendly design.
  • Compact size that makes it able to adjust even in small place.
  • It's clear and easy to operate the display.
  • Separate charging port.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​It doesn’t come with a built-in microphone.
  • The absence of its scan button.


This JETech Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit offers compatibility with few different devices along with easy operating, charging option, and clear voice quality. Though it lacks few fancy features.

Nulaxy Wireless FM Transmitter

5. Nulaxy Wireless FM Transmitter

Nulaxy manufactures this Wireless FM Transmitter Radio Car KitNulaxy. It comes in various colors and offers compatibility with avariety of devices.

Main Features

The most important feature that is a need of this device is its compatibility with avariety of devices. This NulaxyFM transmitter is eligible to work with different Bluetooth devices like Smartphones, Tablets, iPad, iPod, MP4,MP3 players and others. It gets connected to these devices through 3.5mm audio jack.

It's another feature that can help you in having hands-free access to the music system while driving is its big LCD.

This feature is great for you, as it can display battery voltage, callers’ number, and thename of the songs you play through your cards. All these info is shown on 1.44 inch LCD. 

It is another attribute that can make it as one of the best FMtransmitters is interference and noise cancellation technology. This feature can work great for you as having poor sound quality is one of the most significant problems with FM transmitters.

Moreover, its USB car charging trait involves 5V-2.1A charging port that assists in charging themajority of USB devices.

Other than these fundamental features, it contains abuilt-in microphone for hands-free talking. Supporting TF/MicroSD Card in FAT format, A2DP, MP3/WMA format, and AUX I/O are its other positive attributes.

Things We Liked

  • ​It's ability to be compatible with a variety of devices.
  • It's enough large display.
  • Presence of built-in microphone for hand free calling.
  • Manufacturing by using good-quality plastic.
  • It's lightweight body.
  • Its high-quality sound with reduced noise.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​It's hard to take it out of the jack.
  • Its separate volume control makes adjusting right volume difficult.
  • The absence of power button.
  • No indicator that can inform you about present language on it.


This Nuxulry FM Transmitter comes with great compatibility and other amazing feature. You can avail all these traits in an average price range as well. 

GOgroove Flex SMART X2 FM Transmitter

6. GOgrooveFlexSMART X2 FM Transmitter

This FM Transmitter offers compatibility with awide variety of iPhone gadgets, Samsung devices, and many other smart devices from different brands.

It comes with amazing controlling options that offer easy access to its different functionalities. This feature can be greatly helpful to ensure your safety while driving. You can operate volume adjustment functions, play settings, Bluetooth pairing, and call buttons with great ease.

Moreover, it possesses Bluetooth 2.1, FM Tuner, USB port, DC surge protection, and Auxiliary-in port. Through its innovative design, it makes your music listening experience more fun.

It also contains multipoint Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows connecting two devices to this transmittersimultaneously. In this way, you can attend your calls while playing your favorite music, or can have two synchronized cell phones.

Furthermore, it comes equipped with abuilt-in microphone with exceeding voice detection feature. This feature would assist in taking hands-free calls with great ease. This FM transmitter also gives you an opportunity to charge your device for driving.

As it contains compact design with innovative, flexible neck, these characteristics make it able to get fit on almost every type of vehicle. 

Things We Liked

  • ​It's two USB ports that allow operating two devices simultaneously.
  • Wide compatibility
  • Built-in microphone that comes with voice detection feature for clearer quality
  • Easy to operate controlling buttons.
  • It's latest flexible design that gives aperfectfit for any vehicle.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​It doesn’t give you theopportunity to preset stations.
  • Can’t be used in regular areas due to static.
  • Unnecessary unplugging may decorate it.


This FM Transmitter manufactured by GOGroove offers multiple USB ports, broad compatibility, built-in microphone, easy operating, and inventive design. 

Buyers Guide & FAQS

Before purchasing any item for the very first time, what think is important to know? Obviously, it is the basic knowledge about the features and functioning of required products.

Having basic know-how can assist you in choosing most appropriate product among thepresence of wide variety of models/variations. Considering the genuineness of this matter, we are going to discuss brief buyers guide and faqs.

The aim of writing this section is to make you aware of all significant features and their importance in making a device as one of the best FM transmitters.

How does best FM Transmitters work?

FM transmitters are basically aninexpensive and effective way of playing your music in radio or your car stereo. In this way, you can enjoy your music in FM band and high volume.

The most important thing about this device is that it doesn’t need any physical connection with the radio leaving you free from thetrouble of carrying cords/wires.  

The working of best FM transmitters primarily involves following steps:

  • Firstly converter gets theinput of anaudio signal from any audio device.
  • After getting input it converts it into analog audio inside FM Transmitter.
  • FM modulation then changes this signal into FM signal that can be played by tuning the radio at aspecific frequency.
  • In the result of all this working, it appears like thesound is coming from regular vehicle radio.

How can you install FM Transmitter?

You can easily install these devices without applying any significant effort. They need a simple power source for working that can be taken from cigarette lighter connection or another source. Additionally, it only required getting connected to the earphone jack of your audio source device.

The remaining process only involves tuning right frequency, selecting your favorite song, and enjoying your ride.

What are the basic features of FM Transmitters?

The basic features that should be present in your FM transmitters involve:

  • Channels access

Your car wireless transmitter should give you an ability to search for any empty frequency that you can utilize for playing your music. However, it is upto drivers to skip those frequencies where sound quality is not clear.

  • Involuntary scanning

Your transmitter should be able to scan the suitable frequencies on its own, rather than requiring your input for searching for channels. In other words, it should be able to give you hands-free approach while looking for various frequencies.

  • Preset stations

This feature involves memory that keeps stations stored. In this way, it saves thetime of searching for channels again and again.

  • Adaptability

The FM transmitter that you purchase should be adaptable enough to offer device charging besides giving an option to play music through thecar radio. It should also be able to get fixed with cigarette lighter port of your vehicle.

How does arange of your device determine the transmission quality?

Supported transmission range is an important factor that determines the quality of your music. Therefore, it is vitatl to look carefully at the range. Usually,transmitters come with the range between 10 to 30 feet. This range is enough for giving off good-quality signals both inside and outside the vehicle. 

What frequency spectrum should be chosen while buying an FM transmitter?

While purchasing the FM transmitters, you should opt for those devices that give awide range of frequency spectrum. The reason behind is the working of these transmitters.

They work effectively on getting a free FM frequency slot. In highly dense areas, it becomes difficult to get the free frequencies. Therefore, those devices having wide ranges can work well in such regions as well. 

It is appropriate to look for devices that give entire frequency spectrum ranging from 88.1 to 1.7.9 megahertz.

How to get rid of noise while using FM transmitters?

It is normally considered that sound produce from all types of FM transmitters produce noise while playing your music. However, this is not the case with all transmitters.

This problem can be controlled significantly by looking for certain technologies for noise cancellation. Few transmitters come with noise filters that reduce the disturbance significantly on their own. In this way, you can enjoy your sound with better quality.

What does RDS function do in FM transmitters?

RDS stands for Radio Data System. This feature is usually present in car stereos, and it displays information regarding playing atrack on the display screen of your radio.

Just like radios, few FM transmitters also comes with this feature. They display little info regarding playing atrack on their screens.

There are few variations regarding this feature as well. Few simpler transmitters display information only on the device itself. However, few fancy FM transmitters transfer the information to the radio of your vehicle and display the information on the screen of your vehicle radio.

In this way, you can enjoy the music while seeing information on radio screen just like it is playing from car radio itself.

What role does a port play in FM Transmitters performance?

Many devices come with single ports. However, there are also few that come with multiple ports. On having multiple ports, you can avail an opportunity of connecting more than one device with your transmitter.

Also, as few transmitters also come with an ability to let you charge your devices, having multiple ports can help you in performing multiple functions at the same time.

However, it is also very important to look for theright type of port while purchasing an FMTransmitter.

What should additional features be looked for while purchasing the FM Transmitter?

Besides basic working and features of FM Transmitters, there are few other factors that can decide their performance. These features involve:

  • Media Files Support

Your selected FM Transmitter should have an ability to support as much file formats as possible. You can get following media file support from your device.

USB flash drive support is one of the most useful options. If your device can get and play thefile from your USB drive, then it would be a great plus for you.

MMC/SD card support is another positive point of your transmitter. In case of having this support system in your transmitter, you can use any card of your mobile or another device to play your required files.

Line-In/3.5 mm Jack support is mostwidely used media file support system. In this system, you connect thewire to your audio source to play your required files.  

  • Supported File Formats

The FM transmitter you select should be able to support famous file formats like MP3 and WMA. Having support for these renowned file formats would let you copy numerous files on aUSB drive or SD cards.

  • Switch on/off buttons

This feature is not usually available in many FM Transmitters. Also,it is not considered significant by many people as well. But it can play a very significant role inconvenience you would get from your device.

Having FM transmitter without any switch on/off button would ask you to remove your device everytime you would stop listening to music. Otherwise, it would consume battery without giving any output.

Removing your FMtransmitter more frequently would also deteriorate either your device or cigarette lighter port of your vehicle.


Best FM transmitters can be a source of great help for those who are asked to travel long distances on a daily basis. Those having Bluetooth in their vehicles along with other fancy features don't need this device.

But not everyone has such luxury vehicles. Few people, especially those having older car models stay stuck to the listening the music broadcasting on the radios or to look for other alternatives.

Best FM Transmitters provide aninexpensive solution for all such people. In this write-up, we have discussed all related to these useful devices.

As you can see from reviews above, different products offer various significant features that may be absent in others. But overall, all products contain features that may be liked by one group of people while disliked by others. So, in short, it might be difficult to choose any one best product among all.

However, if we are asked to pick any one product, our choice will be GOgrooveFlexSMART X2 FM Transmitter. The obvious reason behind it is its average price. But wait! This is not the only reason.

This product is offering one quick key operation, multiple USB ports, incoming call reminders, wide compatibility, and support for different media formats in this price range. Thetopmostfeatures according to us are driver’s safety that is given highest priority while manufacturing this device.