The Best Inflatable Loungers of 2019 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

By Kevin Arnold | Camping

Feb 13
Best inflatable lounger


Imagine taking your comfy sofa along with you on adventures? How cool would be that? There’s nothing like relaxing on beach or picnics or taking quick naps every time you are outdoors for fun! That’s when the idea of inflatable lounger comes in! It is not sweaty, nor does it feel sticky like plastic! Better than air mattresses and as comfy as sofas, that’s inflatable lounger for you!

You can share it with your family and friends or just chill all by yourself! Hammocks can be annoying, especially if there are no trees around. But, air lounger cradles you comfortably while you relax and you can take them with you anywhere you go. And, you don’t pump to inflate it at all!

If you look in the market, there are sheer range of inflatable air loungers out there. To help you with the selection, we have put together these reviews and comprehensive buying guide to speed up the process! Let’s begin!

Name Of Product




TAG Inflatable Lounger 

​210T polyester ripstop fabric

Vansky2.0 Inflatable Lounger


​ChillboBaggins 2.0 air lounger


Anglink Inflatable Lounger Best Inflatable Lounger

​210T ripstop polyester

Reviews of The Best Inflatable Lounger of 2018

4. TAG Inflatable Lounger

TAG Inflatable Lounger

TAG Inflatable Lounger is comparatively bigger than other loungers in the market and is affordable as well! Its large weight-holding capacity, durable fabric, robust design, and softness certainly does not fail to impress you! If you are looking for something that’s extremely comfortable and easily portable, go for this TAG Inflatable Lounger.

Puncture-resistant design

TAG inflatable lounger blows up within seconds and has a unique puncture-resistant design. Unlike cheaper loungers, it won’t lose its shape with just a few minutes of bearing load. Strong and durable 210T polyester RIPSTOP fabric stays inflated for about 3 to 4 hours effortlessly! There are 2 separate air chambers provided to inflate the lounger.

Convenient Pockets

TAG Inflatable lounger comes with not one but three pockets on the sides to store small belongings. It also includes a securing stake so it won’t budge around too much. Be if for camping, hangouts on beach or parks, you can use it possibly anywhere! It measures about 7 feet in length, 3 feet in width and holds up to 500 pounds of weight easily.

Customer Reviews

Users have expressed TAG Air Lounger to be beyond comfortable! Moreover, it seems to be durable, well-designed and easily portable. What’s the best thing about TAG Lounger? It is backed up with a Lifetime Warranty and 100% money-back guarantee! Some customers complained about it being difficult to inflate, but most of them were able to inflate it with provided instructions.

Things We Liked

  • ​Durable, lightweight and comfortable
  • Oversized design
  • Includes a buckle for locking it down
  • Thick and waterproof fabric; Floats on calm water
  • Pillow headrest and 3 pockets provided

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Some users might find it difficult to inflate
  • Pockets seem to be small

 Final impression

For this amazing price, you are offered with impressive features like a thick inner liner, durable RIPSTOP polyester material, a locking buckle and locking button, pillow headrest, 3 pockets and 500 pounds of weight capacity! The good thing about the TAG Inflatable lounger is that it is wider than other loungers and is backed with a lifetime warranty. That’s proof of a thoughtful design!

3. Vansky Inflatable Lounger 

Vansky Inflatable Lounger

The Vansky inflatable lounger is an ultra comfortable and durable lounger that can be used on sands, grass and it also floats on water. The design of this lightweight lounger is impeccable and supports up to 500 lbs while staying inflated for a longer duration of 4-8 hours.

Comfort with Convenience

Are you worried about the comfort and convenience? Well, with Vanky you need not worry at all. You get maximum comfort to bathe in the sunshine while lying on the lounger or swing on the waves with a book in your hand and go floating. You also get a headrest offering you ultra comfort.

While the 3 pockets on either of its sides make it convenient to access the things of your choice. You can keep your drinks, phone, snacks, and books on the side pockets of the lounger for an easy access.

It takes only 10 seconds or maybe even less to inflate on a windy day. Also, it’s not much difficult to inflate it even if there is not much wind.

Compact, Durable and Lightweight

The Vansky inflatable lounger is made out of durable polyester fabric which is waterproof, stainproof and easy to clean. The compact design of the Vansky 2.0 weighs only 2.5 lbs making it easy to carry. It inflates up to 77x36.6x22.8 inch and it can hold the weight of 500 lbs without tearing after many uses.

Clip it to your backpack or throw the attached strap to your shoulder and there, you are good to go.

Customer Reviews

Customers are fond of this inflatable lounger as it is comfortable and can be used to sleep overnight as well. The lounger holds air for a long time, due to the airtight inner layer so you can sleep with utmost comfort. Not only that, you could inflate this lounger indoors as well.  However, certain customers found it extremely difficult to inflate the lounger.

Things We Liked

  • ​Very well-constructed and sturdy
  • The neck and upper back support are super comfortable
  • Waterproof and easy to clean
  • 3 pockets on the different sides to hold your bottle, phone, and books
  • The polyester fabric used in this lounger makes it lightweight and durable
  • Comes with a full lifetime guarantee

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Difficult to inflate
  • Doesn’t stay inflated for long

Final Impression

Experience comfort and convenience wherever you go with this Vansky inflatable lounger. Not only is it suitable for outdoor activities but indoors as well. Even though it is a bit difficult to inflate, it may work out on a windy day. Overall, an extremely comfortable lounger that’s waterproof so that you could float in water as well.

2. CHILLBO BAGGINS 2.0 Inflatable Lounger with Bag

 CHILLBO BAGGINS 2.0 Inflatable Lounger with Bag

Offered ina funky blend of colors, the CHILLBO Baggins 2.0 Inflatable Lounger is versatile in its own way. Use it as a hammock, as an air sofa or a pool float, it is extremely comfortable and of very high quality. As compared to other inflatable loungers in the market, CHILLBO Baggins has a slightly different design and excels in uniqueness.

Durable Design

CHILLBO 2.0 Lounger comes with an elastic anchor that can be used to stake it down if it’s too windy out there. There is a large nylon pocket on the side to carry your snacks, books, water bottle or other such things. Such pocket is much better than sloppy mesh pockets offered in other loungers. Featuring RIPSTOP nylon construction, you are bound to experience extreme durability, strength, and comfort. Adding to this, it is water repellent as well! Perfect to be used as a pool float!

CHILLBO 2.0 Lounger weighs just 3 pounds, yet can handle up to 400 pounds of weight. When completely inflated, it measures about 7 feet in length.

Unique colored patterns

CHILLBO Baggins lets you choose between several prints, colors, and patterns so your lounge looks unique than others. Inflating this lounger will be much faster as there’s just one opening to fill the air and not two. All you got to do is swing the lounger through the air and it will be inflated in no time; no need to have pump whatsoever.

When not in use, you can just open the clip to deflate it and roll it up nicely in its cinch-top carrying bag.

Customer Reviews

It's hard to find any negatives in this CHILLBO Baggins 2.0 Air Lounger and customers seem to love its versatile and funky design! The only con is that it becomes a tad bit difficult to inflate it when there’s less wind. Otherwise it’s a breeze to inflate! Its durability is the most liked feature of this lounger and different options of colors provided are just cool! All in all, it is a fantastic outdoor accessory to have and it can fit more than one person to relax and chill!

Things We Liked

  • Durable nylon fabric with RIPSTOP design​
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Lively colors and camouflage prints
  • Lounger with bag
  • Versatile use; Air sofa, pool float or a hammock
  • Easy to inflate; No pump
  • Includes elastic loop anchors to tie it down
  • Large side pocket comes very handily

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​A little expensive as compared to others
  • Might make noises if you move a lot

Final Impression

If you are looking for an Ultimate holiday accessory for camping, hiking or just chilling in the pool, you would definitely love this CHILLBO Baggins 2.0 Inflatable Lounger. Although a bit pricey, it’s durable construction, vibrant colors and prints and convenient design are all worth investing in! No pump required, just 2 scoops of air and you will see a big inflated lounge ready to relax in! It is comfortable, durable and easily portable.

1. Anglink Inflatable Lounger Couch - Best Inflatable Lounger

Anglink Inflatable Lounger Couch

Anglink Inflatable Lounger is another uniquely designed gear that beats its competitors in style, longevity, and comfort. Long hours of sitting in an air lounger canindeed be painful and uncomfortable for your neck. Which is why, Anglink’s thoughtful design has been improved and now includes a comfortable headrest along with it.

Oversized construction

Apart from a soft headrest, another thing that's very comfortable about this lounger is its large size that supports your upper back and neck firmly. With an innovative 2-port design, Anglink lounger has double layered 210T PU fabric to provide extreme comfort to the user and prevent any air leakages!

Long hours of inflation

Unlike other inflated loungers that lose its shape within few hours, anglink claims to hold the air for straight 5 to 6 hours. No external pump required at all, you just need to whisk it through the airand it gets fully inflated in no time. To our much surprise, anglink lounger weighs just about 2.6 pounds and can be folded down to take anywhere anytime!

When folded down, it measures up to 13.7” x 6.7” x 4.7” which is compact and portable.

Customer reviews

Customers have loved the included headrest along with the air lounger; it provides much-needed support to the neck. Once inflated, the chair is exceptionally comfortable and roomy. The only thing that’s bothersome here is that it did not come with any instructions at all! Otherwise, the lounger in itself seems very sturdy, comfy and also comes with its own carrying case!

Things We Liked

  • ​Comes with a carrying bag
  • Double layer fabric
  • Lightweight, waterproof and durable design
  • Soft and comfortable headrest
  • Comes with 2 pockets
  • Lifetime guarantee and 100% refund guarantee
  • Bearing capacity of 550 to 650 pounds

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​No instructions provided

Final impression

At such an affordable price, Anglink Inflatable lounger is certainly a steal! Multi-layered 210T PU RIPSTOP material is soft, breathable and very lightweight. You can use it on grass, rocky terrain, sand and even swimming pool. The fabric allows effortless cleaning and is waterproof as well. Its quality is proven by how it is backed by Lifetime warranty and 100% money back guarantee. It will relieve any neck pain and is designed to be leakage-free. With all these features, it is undoubtedly the best Inflatable Lounger out of all!

Buying Guide of Inflated Loungers

Things to Look for while buying an inflated air lounger:

  • InflatingProcess:

The inflatable lounger provides you with the benefit of comfort but not all the loungers have an easy way of inflating. You should make sure thatthe air lounger you purchasehas asimple inflatablemethodand doesn’t need a pump to inflate.

For a simple inflatable method, all you need to do is hold up the lounger and there, it is filled with air. You can check the video for how to inflate an air lounger.

Luck will be on your side if it is a windy day. Even on a less windy day you could just swing the lounger and fill theair. Before purchasing, you should make sure the lounger could fill up this way and that you don't have to struggle with air pumps and what not. This way you could save money and energy as well.

  • Duration:

This is something important when it comes to an inflatable lounger. Thisis where you have to consider for how long will the inflatablelounger hold the air which it is filled in. You have to ensure that the air filledlounger you purchase canmaintainair for an extendedperiod.

Specific loungers can hold air for approximately 10 hours. However, a lounger that stays inflated for 4 hours or more is considered of good.

  • Portability:

If you want to carry your air lounger for outdoor activities you should make sure that it is portable and lightweight, when it is deflated. Inflators that weigh a minimum of 2 pounds or less would bethe best choice.

  • Quality:

You should make sure that the air filled lounger you carry is thick and durable to withstand the air pressure when you lay on the lounger.A good inflatable lounger will be made using the best quality materials available such as nylon.

What more to expect? Well, if you plan to float on water while lying on your lounger then you need something even more than just durable. Yes, you guessed it right! You need to choose a waterproof and stainproof lounger that you can use in water and requires less maintenance.

Note:all the loungers are not waterproof hence will deflect if you put them in water.

  • Warranty:

It is best if you could choose aninflatable lounger which comes with a warranty. In this case, if something goes wrong with the product the manufacturer will repair it for you. It is better if you choose an air lounger with at least2years of warranty.

  • Extra Features:

Many inflatable loungers in the market, presently come with side pockets. These are really flexible and you could keep many of your belongings safe while taking a nap, for instance. These add more value to the inflatable loungers.

Some Important Things to know before using the Lounger:

  • check
    Don’t exceed the weight Limit – It is fun to bounce with your friends and family in the hammock but you may surpass the weight limit of your sofa while you do this, which will ruin your comfortable lounger.
  • check
    Use a stake while setting your lounger – Be sure to use the stake while setting up your lounger to avoid running all around chasing your lounger. Also, use the stake if you are planning to fall asleep on your hammock, this will keep it stable without tripping over while you are sleeping.
  • check
    Roll it up once you’re done–You will get the lounger with thebag. So, to keep the lounger in excellent condition, roll it up to release the extra air inside it and put it in the bag.
  • check
    Don’t use it around sharp things –Don’t use your hammock around sharp stuff like rock, stones etc. Also, don’t set any sharp things on your air lounger as this will quickly rip through the fabric and ruin your lounger.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to inflate the airlounger?

Open the air intake of the lounger. Hold up the lounger or run a few steps, so that the air fills in. As soon as it is filled, close the mouth of the air lounger. Finally, roll the sealing strips at least few times and insert the buckle.

2. How long will it stay inflated?

The inflators are specially designed with aclosing mechanism. A fully blown inflated lounger stays inflated foratleast few hours.

3. How to deflate the lounger?

It is quite simple just like the way you inflate it. Unclip the opening and the air will bereleased. Following that, you could roll them from the stitched opposite end and fold it into the bag that is attached.

4. How to clean the air lounger?

You can clean the air lounger with a damp clothing using a mild soap and let it air dry. You can also wash it in the washing machine by putting on the delicate cycle. But never put it in the dryer after cleaning because it will make the hammock useless by melting the nylon.

Also, check if the manufacturer has mentioned any cleaning advice on how to care for the lounger. The only thing you need to make sure is that the lounger is completely dry before you pack it in the bag.

5. What to do if the lounger gets damage and leaks?

If the surface of the air lounger is damaged or leaking, you can fix it with a nylon repair tape. The tape acts as a band-aid to hold the torn or leaking material together. Though this is not permanent, it will hold for a while.

6. Is it dangerous to use the loungers on water?

Well, if you misuse it, it can be dangerous. If you want to use it for floating, purchase one of the best inflatable hammock models that say to be used on the water. Stay in calm water rather than waves and keep any sharp object away from the lounger. Also, don’t let the children float on the air lounger without any adult’s supervision.


In conclusion, the inflatable loungers are the perfect addition to a beach or a camping trip. Also, it’s ideal for backyard fun! The most important features to consider are durability, how long it stays inflated, warranty, comfort and not to forget the extra pockets.

We have narrowed the best choices as much as possible for your convenience. Ultimately the best inflatable lounger among the above 4 has to be the ‘Anglink inflatable lounger’ because it has it all.

The double layer fabric gives you more comfort while ensuring that it’s sealer better to eradicate leakage. The ripstop polyester makes it very durable to place it on any surface including sand, grass, swimming pool as well as rocky terrain. It is lightweight and holds the air for a longer period of 5-6 hours.

While the side pockets give you the convenience to hold your belongings, the lifetime guarantee ensures that you get 100% satisfaction without any risk.

The things that make it stand out from others is its ability to hold up to approximately 650 lbs which no other air lounger offers. It is also very comfortable and affordable out of all the loungers mentioned above. Furthermore, the ratings received for this lounger is the most when compared to the rest.

So, with so many outstanding features and great customer reviews, the Anglink inflated lounger is a deal which you can’t afford to miss. However, if you want prints and designs in your lounger then you can also look for ‘ChillboBaggins 2.0 air lounger’ that also offers excellent features along with super versatile design options.

No matter what kind of inflatable lounger you choose to purchase make sure that it would be of use to you even in the years to come. Relax and enjoy the outdoors with thebest inflatable lounger.