How to choose Best Muskie Lures? Top 5 Reviews

By Kevin Arnold | Fishing

Apr 09
Best Muskie lures

Nothing else is more enthusiastic than planning a Muskie fishing trip. It is one of those adventures that gives the thrill of the chase! Nonetheless, catching these monsters is quite challenging, as they are aggressive and fairly big in size. That’s when best muskie lures come in!

Finding the right fishing equipment is a lengthy procedure, especially when the market is flooded with muskie lures. So, which musky lure should you choose? How to select one according to the requirements of every season? No worries! We have got you covered.

With our expertise, we have delineated our Top 5 picks of best muskie lures for 2018. There are wide varieties of options available to you, choose the one that is ideal for you!

Name of Lure

Type of Lure

Our Ratings


Lixada 7-Segment Fishing Lure - Best Muskie Lures 


Mepps Musky Killer Bucktail


Heddon Rattlin’ Spook Fishing Lures


Musky Innovations 824 Bull Dawg Plastic Lure

​Versatile (Jerkbait, Crankbait, Jig)

Heddon Super Spook Fishing Lure


Types of Fishing Lures

When it comes to muskie fishing, there are 4 basic types of lures viz. topwater baits, crankbaits, jerkbaits and spinner baits (includes overhead and in-line spinners). However, you must know that in these 4 major categories, there are different styles of lures available. And, one such style worth mentioning is “jig.”

Jigs technically fall under a jerkbait type of lure but are still a little different.

So, let’s get into the details of each:

1. Topwater Musky lures

 Topwater Musky lures

So, muskies want their prey to be easy-to-catch, and they are attracted towards frantic movements. That’s when topwater lures come in. Topwater lures are great for trapping muskies when the water finally warms up. Topwater lures are usually of two types:

  • Prop-style lure: Prop-style lure are to be retrieved with a straight crank motion. 
  • Walk-the-dog lure: Walk-the-dog style topwater lure is retrieved in a side-to-side motion without pausing pulls.

Both these styles of lures are must-haves for every muskie fish angler.

2. Crankbait Musky lures

Crankbait Musky lures

Crankbaits are very simple in design. These are “lures with a lip” that create side-to-side wobble, even during straight retrieval. Anglers can troll it very efficiently as they mimic a real fish.

You are free to experiment with the retrieves when using such crankbaits. From straight to irregular retrieves, it can be trolled at various speeds and levels.

  • Different design of lips will create different actions. So, the lip design of crankbait decides whether it will be a deep diver or a shallow runner.
  • Sharper the angle of the lip, deeper will be the dive of crankbaits. So, keeping this mind, shallow runners will have a lip that is almost at right angles to lure’s belly. As the lip angle goes on increasing, the crankbait will dive deeper.

3. Jerkbait Musky lures

Jerkbait Musky lures

As the name suggests, jerkbait is used by making quick jerks, which in turn makes noises to attract muskies. The jerkbait musky lure is a reflection of angler’s action. Meaning, everything that a fisherman does with the rod and reel, whatever action he creates while retrieving the lure is what “jerkbait” is all about!

  • Jerkbaits are thin and long muskie fishing lures, with which you can create erratic movements to mimic injured fish.
  • Such musky lures come in different designs, from floating, sinking to being neutrally buoyant.
  • Depending on weather conditions and type of water, you need to choose your jerkbait precisely.

4. Spinner Muskie Lures

Spinner Muskie Lures

Spinnerbaits have been in the fishing industry for a very long time now, and they proficiently catch pike fishes like muskies, tiger muskies, and northern pikes. Spinners that we see in the market today come in a variety of body contours, sizes, colors, patterns, and shapes. Some feature single hooks, whereas others come integrated with multiple treble hooks.

  • Majority of the spinners (in-line type) are dressed with a light material called as “bucktail” all around the hook, to hide it. Bucktails produce vibrations in the water, and that’s why musky’s lateral line easily detects it. You can retrieve bucktails at any speeds.
  • Overhead style spinners feature spinner that is above and slightly in front of the body.

Reviews of the Best Muskie Lures:

Lixada 7-Segment Fishing Lure -Best Muskie Lures

Lixada 7-Segment Fishing Lure

Lixada Topwater fishing lure is a must-have artificial fishing bait for every proficient angler. Uniquely designed with 7-segmented multi-joints, the Lixada musky bait features 2 treble hooks that are ultra-sharp and never fail to catch the target!

Lifelike Design

Lixada musky fishing lure exhibits lifelike swimming with its S-swim motion. This topwater fishing bait has a bionic fish body with 3D eyes that look unbelievably realistic to provoke musky fish to bite.

Strong loading capacity

With its substantial loading capacity of 17 kg (37.5 pounds), Lixada fishing bait can catch big games as well. Not just muskie fish, but you can catch wide varieties of fish such as yellow perch, roach, pike, walleye, trout, bass, etc. with this lure (both in freshwater and saltwater).

In case you’re wondering, Lixada fishing lure is made from highly durable and eco-friendly ABS material, which does not give out any odor.

Customer Reviews

Anglers have loved the premium quality of Lixada fishing lure offered at such an amazingly low price. Just within one hour of fishing, several users have caught muskie and other fishes with this lure. Many of them have also claimed it to be best-suited for trapping middle-sized and large-sized predator games. Not to mention, the thick fabric can swiftly handle large catching capacity!

Things We Liked

  • ​Inexpensive; Great value for money
  • The large loading capacity of 17 KGS
  • Lifelike appearance
  • Durable and eco-friendly material
  • Suitable for predator fishes

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Does not work in snag areas

Final Impression

One thing that is extremely impressive about Lixada lure is its affordability; it ranges from $5-$10. How incredible is that? And that’s why Lixada has to be one of the best muskie lures out of all the other baits. Its realistic design and S-swim motion gives out the impression of lifelike bait and is certain to catch many predators!

Mepps Musky Killer BuckTail

2.	Mepps Musky Killer BuckTail:

Mepps HO-BO Musky Killer is hands-down one of our favorite muskie bait in bucktail category. Undoubtedly, Mepps has become a prominent leader in fishing tackle industry in no time. Time and time again, Mepps has offered us with some high-quality of fishing equipment. And, this Mepps HO-BO Musky Killer is no exception!

Mepps spinner lures are famous for catching fishes than any other baits on the market!

High-quality Craftsmanship

Mepps Musky Killer is crafted with a heavy-duty ultra-sharp 5/0 treble hook. Thus, making it a perfect fishing lure for northern pike or trophy muskie. The added bucktail is what gives more movement and adds bulginess to the bait to trick those short biters.


Just like other spinners, Musky Killer also begins to spin even at the slowest retrieve speed. It has ¾ ounce size and is ideal for fishing large flats and shallow bays!

Customer Reviews

Customers have also ultimately agreed that when it is about Mepps, there’s no turning back. Mepps indeed offers one of the best muskie lures, given its well-built design. Many anglers have found it easy to catch big games like northern pike and big mouth bass with this Mepps Bucktail.

Things We Liked

  • ​First-rate construction
  • Optimal for muskie as well as pike
  • Very sharp hook
  • Can catch big fishes

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​None

Final Impression

We need not say much about Mepps Musky Killer, as there is already much praise out there about it by anglers. Musky Killer is indeed one of the best muskie lures in bucktail type. Musky Killer’s blade starts to spin even at the slowest retrieve. So, that’s a plus point! Over and above, it is also one of the best pike lure available today.

Heddon Rattle Spook Fishing Lures

Heddon Rattle Spook Fishing Lures

The Rattlin’ Spook is a great walk-the-dog style fishing lure and is quite a pike pleaser. For those who don’t know, Heddon is one of the oldest companies to manufacture fishing equipment and still excels in legendary lures. Spook, Lucky 13, Torpedo, etc. are some of its famous models.

Intensified Sound

A new rattle chamber in Heddon Spook contains 10 tungsten BB’s (spheres) that amplify the powerful sounds of bait. Thereupon, it creates an impression of frightened and fleeing baitfish. The unique design of this sound chamber is what makes it even easier to produce smooth dog-walking retrieves.

Sharp Treble hooks

Heddon Rattlin’ Spook is available in 14 exact colors and patterns. All of them are equipped with extra-sharp Mustad Triple Grip treble hooks that don’t miss its target! The Heddon Spook mimics a dart and zigzag motion to look like a confused prey.

Customer Reviews

Anglers have unanimously agreed that Heddon Rattlin’ Spook is one of the best fishing lures for topwater striper action. Its lifelike design and tremendous sound make “dog-walking” even more of a breeze!

Things We Liked

  • ​The amplified intense sound of fleeing bait
  • Lifelike appearance
  • Versatile colors and patterns available
  • Best pike lure
  • Sharp treble hooks

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​None

Final Impression

For those anglers who love topwater action, you’ all must have this Rattlin’ Spook to catch predators in no time! Its extra-sharp Mustad hooks and intense rattling sound does not fail to trick the pike or muskies. Walk-the-dog is just a breeze with this Spook fishing lure.

Musky Innovations 824 Bulldawg Lure

Musky Innovations 824 Bulldawg Lure

Nature of musky fish is such that they don’t want to work hard for their food. And that’s when dying plastic baitfish come into action! Musky Innovations’ Bulldawg is a must-have muskie fishing lure as it mimics an easy meal for muskies. Every list of best muskie lures is incomplete without mentioning the Musky Innovations’ Bulldawg!

Versatile design

Unique in its way, Bulldawg is a versatile and slow-sinking soft plastic lure. Which is why it works excellent in trapping those muskies hiding in deeper waters. Another unique feature that’s very apparent here is its long plastic tail. While retrieving, this plastic tail produces lots of action, thus attracting giant muskies.

Retrieving action

Fishing with Bulldawg can be done with very fast, medium as well as slow retrieves. As it is balanced with a jig head, it can swim down at 45 degrees angle. On retrieval, it swims horizontally for a realistic appearance.

Customer Reviews

Staying true to its description, the Bulldawg is the best and versatile swimbait for muskie fishing, say users. Many fishermen have found Bulldawg to hold up well and be a great value for money. The hooks on this lure are pretty sharp, and the bait is just the correct size.

Things We Liked

  • ​Ideal to catch big fish
  • The best soft plastic lure for muskie fishing
  • Long tail creates plenty of action while retrieving
  • Versatile use

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Expensive

Final Impression

Made of 100% soft plastic, the Musky Innovations’ Bulldawg is balanced with a jig head. And so, during fall, it swims down at 45-degree angle and swims horizontally while retrieving. The versatile design of Bulldawg allows you to use it as a crankbait, jerkbait or even a jig. At retrieval, the long tails rock back and forth frantically, attracting big muskies like crazy!

Heddon Super Spook Fishing Lure

Heddon Super Spook Fishing Lure

Most affordable yet effective fishing lure in this list, the Heddon Zara Spook can handle even vicious muskies. Super Spook is like a backbone of the popular “Zara Spook” family of topwater bait.

Saltwater Fishing

This sturdy 5” long Super Spook has got a saltwater flavor. Featuring a trio of extra-sharp hooks and tough hardware system, this bait can take on gator trout, huge stripers as well as giant redfish! This tough bait can also handle a toothy attack of big muskies.

Walk-the-dog action

The color pattern of the Super Spook is specially designed for freshwater and saltwater targets. Moreover, the walk-the-dog action is a breeze with this Heddon Super Spook. With its slackline rhythmic retrieve, it crazily moves left-right and back-forth, attracting big games.

Customer Reviews

Users say that if you experiment with Super Spook by producing different retrieves like fast, slow, jerking, etc. it can do wonders in catching game fishes. All in all, customers have found Super Spook to be a very productive fishing lure, especially for bass and pike fishing.

Things We Liked

  • ​Cheaply priced
  • Ideal for catching pike and bass
  • Triple-sharp hooks and tough bait construction

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Hooks might bend due to huge predator attacks

Final Impression

The Heddon Super Spook is the best topwater bait for bass and pike fishing. Made with extra tough components and saltwater-grade hooks, the Super Spook can endure punishments of large saltwater gamefish. The most incredible thing about this fishing lure is its cheap price.

How to choose the best muskie lures?

So, you are all set to go for pike or muskie fishing. But, do you have right kind of fishing equipment needed to catch big games? How to select the right kind of muskie lure? Here are some essential features you need to look for before buying any fishing lure:


The logic is quite simple, small lures are for small fishes, and big baits are for big predator fishes. Hence, it is always better to select a lure that is a bit larger for northern pikes and muskies to bite.

Best musky lures are the ones that are 7” or 8” long, but 4-10 inch baits will also catch games effectively.

Size of the muskie lure also needs to be decided by seeing the amount of weeds in the water. Since open water is cleaner, you can fish with big lures.

But, if you are trolling in water with thick weeds, small muskie lures are always better.


When it comes to muskie fishing, there is some connection between season and depth. Fish will search for food in different areas and based on the season; you need to find your ideal muskie lure for targeted depth.

  • During summers, muskies will go deeper in water so that deep diving musky lures will be optimal.
  • As for fall or spring season, shallow runners like topwater lures will be best.

Dealing with the weeds:

Muskie fishing or fishing for pike or big mouth bass requires you to deal with loads of messy weeds. If you don’t fancy buying new lure after every fishing trip, make sure you choose the muskie lure that already has a weed guard.

The temperature of water:

  • If the water is cold, your target fish will not be much active. And so, it is better to take small lures that create a slow presentation. To fish pikes and muskies, jerkbaits and glider baits will swiftly do the job with pauses in-between the retrieves.
  • On the contrary, in warm water, muskies will be hungrier due to a fast metabolism. Spinners and crankbaits with quick retrieves will be very ideal in such condition.

Color and Pattern:

Color and patterns on the muskie lures are not just for fun; it is to attract fish.

  • Go with more exact and light colors when using in clear and clean water.
  • For stained water, you need to opt for bright fluorescent colors.

You don’t need to follow any particular guidelines about the color of the lure. You can experiment on your own and find out what suits your needs best!

What makes Best Muskie Lures?

Some unique features in lures make them special and very ideal for muskie fishing. Musky, by nature, is a big and aggressive fish that requires specific types of lures designed for them.

What are the unique features required for a muskie lure?

  • Muskie lures must have great body structure that looks lifelike.
  • It must imitate the swimming action of real fishes to allure muskies
  • Hooks in the lure must have heavy-duty construction and be strong enough to hold the fish snugly without being damaged
  • Lure must be durable enough to survive multiple fishing sessions
  • Length of the lure must be around 8” for better use with slow motion

Frequently Asked Questions about Muskie Lures

Q. Is it true that Big Fish= Big Lure?

Somewhat. But it is not always true. Even smaller muskie lures are known to catch big games. It's all about experimenting. A small bait might trap a big fish that you are after. Trial and error method is the key here.

Q. What type of hook is best for muskies?

To be precise, barbless hooks are very optimum for muskie fishing, as they can be easily removed from the target’s mouth.

Again, crankbaits and bucktails are best lures for musky fishing.

Q. What do muskie fish eat? Or what are they attracted to?

There is a misconception amongst anglers that muskies only eat Walleye fish. Which is not true at all. Musky fish will eat anything and everything that is present in their area. But, muskies mostly prefer to target fishes that are smaller in size than them. Moreover, muskies prefer targets that are easily available or easy-to-catch for them.


So it’s a no-brainer that Lixada 7-segmented lure is one of the best muskies lures in our hands today. Its lifelike swimming action and very sharp hooks are enough to take down big muskies! Additionally, you need not worry about it falling apart, as the muskie lure is quite durable and sturdy.

In bucktail category, Mepps Bucktail Musky Killer is our top favorite, and there’s nothing like it. Its well-built body and the sharp treble hook are enough to catch big mouth bass as well as northern pikes!

To conclude, we would say that whichever fishing lure you choose, you will catch a fish. Make sure you spend money wisely, as some of them might bend or fall apart beforehand!

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