How To Purchase The Best Walkie Talkie For Hunting

By Kevin Arnold | Camping

Mar 26
Best Walkie Talkie

What do you do to stay safe in a dense forest or another tricky area? With all other measures, you make sure to keep in touch with your fellows. Hunters know very well how this communication is achieved. It is ensured by using best walkie talkie for hunting. There is a massive variety of walkie-talkies available on the market. Many of them might appear similar, but in reality, they differ in quality.

So, this thing makes even more difficult for you to pick a right product. Don’t worry! We are here to help you out. Our reviews of best walkie talkie will assist you in picking up the right product.

Let’s begin!

​Product Name



# units



​Uniden Submersible 50 Mile Two-Way Radios with Charging Kit

​Up to 50 miles



​Motorola MT352TPR Two Way Radio

​Up to 35 mile



​Motorola MR350R 35-Mile Two Way Radio

​Up to 35 miles



​Midland GXT1050VP4 Two Way Radio

​Up to 36 miles



Midland GXT1000VP4 Walkie Talkie - Best Walkie Talkie for Hunting

​Up to 36 miles



Reviews of the Best Walkie Talkie for Hunting in 2018

​Uniden Submersible 50 Mile Two-Way Radios

Uniden Submersible 50 Mile Two-Way Radios

​​Uniden manufactures this long-range walkie-talkie. It is a handheld two-way radio. It gives the range of up to 50 miles and 22 different channels.

Its distinguishing feature is its submersible power. Moreover, it comes with a great safety feature. These features don’t let you feel worried when you are away from your group.

Main Features

Being on the list of best walkie talkie for hunting, this Uniden product contains many safety features. It makes sure to keep you protected and alert of your other group members.

It comes with an extended range of up to 50 miles. It uses GMRS frequencies to make conversation interrupted.

These walkie talkie radios come with 22 different channels. In this way, you can get available channels whenever you need them.

Furthermore, these 22 channels come with 142 privacy codes. This additional identification layer stops other conversations from interrupting yours.

It also contains NOAA feature. This thing helps in getting weather alert of your area. With the Direct Call feature, you can call any individual group member privately.  

Its worth mentioning feature is its submersible power. Does it make you amazed? It comes with this ability.

If your day is unfortunate enough, you can even drop off your walkie-talkie in water. Now, you don’t need to worry at all.

These hunting radios with headsets can even stay inside 3 feet for whole thirty minutes. This is enough time to take your device out of the water.

For ensuring users safety, it contains emergency strobe lights. It comes equipped with high intensity LED lights. These lights can either operate in SOS mode or give bright display at night.

In both ways, it can help your partners in getting signals from your side. It’s backlighting and glows key assists you in seeing things at night.

It also contains VOX headset feature. With the help of this, you can operate it without using your hands.

Its sturdy body makes it suitable for all types of outdoor activity. On purchasing this item, you will get 2 gear clips besides two headsets.

With its many safety and convenient features, this walkie talkie for hunting is an excellent purchase on this price range.

Customers Review

Here are few real customers’ reviews about this item. Read them to get a better idea about its specs.

This product is reliable for water testing. It claims 50 miles range is not applicable to real-world scenarios. This item is built up of good-quality material. Its belt clip was useful for me. Its battery life is what makes me happy.

It is easy to setup, but the range is not exactly what has been advertised.

Things We Liked

  • ​The submersible feature allows you to use it freely anywhere.
  • Emergency strobe light ensures your safety.
  • Hands-free operation let you contact without using your hands.
  • Backlight allows you to use it at both day and night time.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​It doesn’t come with the auto-weather alert. You need to listen to weather channel for updates.
  • It doesn’t have clear voice results in regions having obstructions.


These hunting radios with headsets are outstanding when it comes to their waterproof abilities. It gives nice safety features. It is a sturdy long lasting product. However, the range it offers is not up to the mark. 

​Midland GXT1050VP4 Two Way Radio

Midland GXT1050VP4 Two Way Radio

This GXT1050VP4 Walkie Talkie is a Midland product. It is a two-way radio device with Camouflage appearance. It comes in a pair with other necessary accessories.  

This best walkie talkie for hunting with long range is created for GMRS operations. Moreover, it is capable of giving an adequate performance in all types of weather conditions.

Main Features

Midland GXT1050VP4 device is designed specifically for GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) radios. It comes with numerous worth mentioning features.

You can get to avail 22 different channels with 28 additional channels by this device. It assists you in getting clear communication system. This walkie talkie comes in a pair of two.

The specification and appearance of this device make it particularly suitable for hunting. This long-range walkie talkie gives you coverage on a range of up to 36 miles. It may vary depending on an obstruction on your way.

For stopping any interruptions coming from others, it contains 142 privacy codes. It blocks conversation of other channels.

It contains NOAA feature. It automatically makes you alert about any severe weather condition of your local area. With its SOS siren, it can make your fellows alert by sending distress call from your side.

This set comes with the JIS4 waterproof design. It means it can work even after encountering water, light, or rain. It contains Whisper feature as well. It ensures your low voice chat is also heard clearly to your group.

You can also make Group Call as well as a direct private call to any member of your group. It comes with 9 Levels of eVOX.

It gives you easy voice activation with the hands-free trait. You can send your message as soon as you start speaking.

It is also equipped with X-TRA Talk Power. It means you can send as many messages as allowed by the law. With weather scan features, it scans the weather channel of your area.

With 10 Call Alerts, it produces different alerting tones for incoming calls from various group members. Moreover, it also gives alert calls for five different animals. It includes Duck, Crow, Turkey, Wolf, and Cougar alerts.

It contains Dual Watch and Channel Scan features. It means it can monitor two channels and can scan for available ones on its own.

Its vibrate-alert feature makes you alert of incoming calls silently. With Auto Squelch feature you can hear the required voice without irritating background noise.

With its Roger Beep, it indicates call ending. Its Silent Operation gives you the freedom to perform quiet hunting.

It further comes with bright Backlit Display. It gives you the easy reading option for both day and night time.

You can operate this device on four standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries. It Battery Life Extender gives you long battery life.

It comes with AC wall adapter, DC adapter, Mic, Headphone Jacks, and belt clips. With all its helpful features, this product offers great value for your money.  

Customers Review

Here are few customers’ reviews for you. They can help you in having exact idea about its features.

Overall, customers have liked its vast varieties of features. Its radio signaling is also adequate according to them. Few even have categorized it as a top-class GMRS radio.

However, customers have also faced one major issue. Read below to know about it:

This walkie talkie for hunting offers great ease of use. It contains almost everything that you might look in a walkie-talkie. Its rechargeable batteries serve its purpose well. Even if I am present in the wooded area with significant obstacles, it still provides great coverage for at least half mile.

Its battery gets consumed quickly. You are supposed to have proper arrangements for their recharge. Its radios give an outstanding performance.

Things We Liked

  • ​Its high watt power gives good communication capabilities.
  • Auto-squelch feature cut off background noise.
  • Individual private calling is easier.
  • Its battery settings allow you to preserve its battery.
  • With its waterproof body, it allows you to move around during rain.
  • Camo color looks great.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Headsets are not up to the mark.
  • Its complicated controls might feel hard to use.


​The reason for this pick is numerous useful features. It gives too much in a single set. However, it also shows some battery problem. But, with this price range, it can be a good purchase.

​Motorola MT352TPR Two Way Radio

Motorola MT352TPR Two Way Radio

This MT352TPR Walkie Talkie is manufactured by Motorola. It is one of the renowned brands in producing outdoor walkie talkies for hunting.

It is a two-way radio device with the silver color body. On purchasing this product, you will get a pack of three walkie-talkies. This item outweighs others for its long battery life. 

Main Features

This Motorola MT352TPR Radio is a waterproof walkie talkie. The most prominent feature of this product is its long battery life.

It comes with NiMH rechargeable battery. However, its power is enough to give a double performance as compared to standard battery piece.

Its battery can give the talk time of almost 15 hours. Not only, does it give long talking time with a single recharge, but recharging its battery is also convenient.

You can charge it by using mini-USB charger. It gives you great portability. You can charge it anywhere even from your desktop computer. It means you don’t need to sit beside an outlet everytime you need a recharge.

In case, you can’t get any recharging option, you can just use an alkaline battery, and your handheld walkie talkie is all set to serve you.

It comes with the range of up to 35 miles. It is long enough to contact your partner in any outdoor activities.

It comes with 22 channels. Moreover, each channel contains 121 privacy codes to stop extra people’ conservation interrupt with you.

Another worth mentioning feature of this one of the best walkie talkie for hunting is its VibraCall feature. It makes you alert by making silent vibrator only. This attribute is especially useful in locations where you can’t afford to make noise.

The body of this device comes with the IP-54 rating. This feature makes it super resistant not only from water but also from dust.

To cope with emergency situations, it contains built-in LED flashlight and NOAA weather alert. However, the weather alert feature is not available in all areas. You need to contact local weather office in this regard.

It contains efficient class D amplifier. Due to this feature, it gives off high-quality sound with little distractions. It also comes with Extra Power feature that extends the transmission by elevating transmitting power.

For ensuring hands-free communication, it contains iVOX. It serves the purpose of the speakerphone and let you talk without using your hands.

The distinguishing features of this one of the best two-way radios worth each penny of your money.

Customers Review

Read this section to know what its users are saying ‘honestly’ about this best walkie talkie for hunting:

It is an appropriate device for good charging. Despite having high altitudes and plenty of trees, it was still able to give nice communication on a range of up to 3 miles. It can withstand rough use. It provides incredible battery life. This set gave a surprising performance.

I only had a problem with its big size.

Things We Liked

  • ​Its weatherproof body keeps it protected from dust as well as from water.
  • It's NOAA feature that makes you alert to weather condition.
  • It's NiMH battery that operates in the wide temperature range.
  • Built-in LED flashlights.
  • Easy to charge.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​It doesn’t come with carrying case.


This Motorola walkie talkie comes with great battery life and easy recharging features. The radios are also good. Also, it can cover few miles area even inside dense regions.

​Motorola MR350R

Motorola MR350R

This simple to use and lightweight walkie talkie is ideal and reliable for your trips, whether it is hunting, hiking, camping and what not. The level of coverage and communication it provides at such a reasonable price is not met by other products in the market.

It gives 35 miles coverage on 22 different channels. It even provides reliable communication at difficult altitudes. If you are looking for a safe product that not only helps you in communicating with your partners but also in helping you detect dangers and finding your way then this product is the one for you.

Main Features

Usually, the main reason for a person to invest in a walkie-talkie is safety and communication. Keeping in touch with your partners keeps you safe and gives you a vivid idea of your surroundings. The Motorola MR350R holds its promise of keeping you safe with the high-class features it provides.

This two-way radio gives 35 miles coverage on 22 different channels which is why it is known for its widespread coverage. Apart from having 22 GMRS channels it also has 121 privacy channels. This feature makes finding available channels easy.

It comes with a weather alert feature by NOAA that helps you detect the approaching bad weather and also has an in-built handy torch that can help you in emergencies. Motorola MR530R also comes with an eVOX feature that makes hands free operation easy.

The stand-up charging station makes charging convenient and reliable, the AA rechargeable batteries included with them can stay charged up to 23 hours. The best part is they are dust proof and water resistant, so you can easily use them during rainy seasons.

Customer reviews

The customer reviews for Motorola MR350R is a mixture of good and bad reviews. Most of the people are happy with the quality of the product and its range. They say that the product is true to its promises and the range mentioned in the description is correct. The walkie talkie works perfectly fine even at higher altitudes where there are a few obstructions as well.

While at the same time, some of the customers complain about the 35-mile range not being true. A few customers complain about broken parts and problems in hearing another user due to distortions.

Things We Liked

  • ​The built-in torch.
  • Large sized dials and buttons.
  • Weather alert.
  • Long range.
  • Long battery life.
  • USB charging feature.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​The non-durable case.
  • Complex programming.
  • Longer charging time.


In this price range, it is quite a reliable device and gives a good experience with a waterproof and dustproof casing.

Midland GXT1000VP4 - Best Walkie Talkie For Hunting

​Midland GXT1000VP4

This product by Motorola is specifically for efficient short-range communication. It has easy programming features and also comes with a headset which makes it perfect for use during hunting; the headset can comfortably fit into your helmet or even your cap.

You don’t have to fidget with the buttons and dials during communication because of the headset. In optimal conditions, it gives you a range as much as 36 miles, but in cities or urban areas, you have a range of 2 miles. As long as your team is within the range you can hear them clearly and communicate easily.

Main Features

This is a reliable and easy to use a product by Motorola. Even though it has a long range of 36 miles it was made for short-range communication purposes. Along with the typical 22 channels that are incorporated in all the walkie talkies it has added 28 channels so that you can choose the one you are comfortable with. For channel scanning, it comes with an automatic scanning feature that displays all the channels that are active for easier communication.

The battery has been specifically taken care of, if you don’t have time to charge your batteries, you can use simple AA batteries that are added to the walkie-talkie set. This feature is not common with most of the walkie-talkies.

It comes with squelch technology that filters out most of the noise automatically. This feature is also rare in walkie-talkies.

The whisper mode is an innovative feature added to this product; once the mode is turned on, you can talk to your partners while whispering and they will hear it loud and clear. The LCD added to this product makes usage easier during night time.

Customer reviews

This product comes with about 53 percent of five stars rating which is a big plus point. Most of the customers are happy with their purchase; words like durable, reliable, safe, high quality, worth the money are usually used for this product. Customers say they are ideal for short as well as long-range communications. The Batteries, LCD and whisper mode is a big turn on.

Coming to the negative comments, customers usually have reservations regarding the non-availability of DC wire charging and the product being defective. Some also complain that the range is no good at all.

Things We Liked

  • ​Headset incorporated into the set.
  • Has an alert siren.
  • Comes with 3 years warranty.
  • Has private communication.

Things We Didn't Like

  • ​Does not work properly with building around.
  • No USB charging included.


​The headset is the star of all features for this walkie talkie and has many amazing features at a reasonable price.


There are a few things you should follow upon before investing in a walkie talkie set. Without knowledge of these things, you will not be able to invest in the proper quality product.

Weight and size

This matters a lot mainly because it is advised you keep yourself light during hunting. For hunting, it is better you look for lightweight and easy to use walkie talkies. These will be easy to handle during the rush that is created while hunting.

An ergonomic design will work best for you, the shape, weight, and size are ideal, and you will be easily able to use it with bare hands as well as gloves on. Moreover, walkie-talkies with the headset will be a big go for hunting as both your hands will be busy with your weapon so the headset will do the task for you.

The range of coverage and watts used

Most of the walkie talkies or two-way radios have a minimum range of 25 miles, but this is usually for optimal conditions, which means there is not a single obstacle between the two receivers. If you are operating your radio in a city or a place that has many obstacles, you will not usually get a range of more than 2 miles.

The watts used by the walkie talkies depend on the model. The FRS-only model used 0.5 watts and gives a range of 5-6 miles while GMRS models used 50 watts for base stations and 1-2 watts for ergonomic devices. They give a range of 8-35 miles.


In busy areas where walkie talkies are frequently used, the 22 available channels can get occupied within seconds. If many people are using the same channel, this will not only affect the privacy but also will cause distortions for all the people using the same channel.

For this, the squelch code is introduced. Everyone using a certain channel has to define a code so that other people on the same channel don’t interfere with their communication and they also don’t interfere with anyone’s communication.

By privacy code, the manufacturers certainly don’t mean that your communication is private and nobody can hack into it; it is just a way to get rid of interference.

Battery life

Since all walkie talkies work on batteries, this is an essential feature. Some two-way radios use AA while others use AAA batteries. Usually, rechargeable nickel batteries are used. Most of the walkie talkies come with charging stands, but some of them come with a DC charging wire of a USB charging feature which is a big plus point especially when you are traveling.

Coming to the battery life, radios with higher output tend to run out of batteries sooner. So if you want radios with longer battery life look for the ones that have a lower output. They don’t drain that fast. Also, radios charging with solar chargers can be an option.

Other features

Apart from the basic features mentioned above, there are many other features that are also added to walkie-talkies nowadays. These include the weather updates from NOAA, hands-free, Noise filter, etc. apart from this GPS is also being combined with radios for accuracy and efficiency.

Walkie-talkies with VOX are also being manufactured. VOX is voice activated; you can activate and use your radio without using your hands.


What is the best way to use walkie-talkie for hunting?

There is a specific way to get benefit from any product. Same is the case with walkie-talkies for hunting. You should use them while keeping few points in mind. Only then, you can expect safe and 100% results. Here are these points:

Before going out for hunting, don’t forget to read the manual thoroughly. Go through all its points and understand them. It will help you in identifying its features properly.

Being a regular walkie-talkie user, you must know about its roger-hoot. However, for newbies, it is important to turn off its settings before starting hunting.

Otherwise, it will make a loud noise on arrival of any contacting message. It will make you lose your target.

To get proper results, set the frequency other than 1. It is because most people use this channel. Therefore, it is better to opt for anything other than 1. It will be most appropriate to choose channels above 10.

A headset for your walkie talkie can be a great assisting tool. It will help you in contacting your partners without using your hands. Go for it, and enjoy your hunting.

Please remember, as kids are not allowed to hunt, this device is also not suitable for them. Keep it out of the reach of small kids.

What are the prerequisites for using this product?

There are different prerequisites that you must meet before using walkie-talkie for hunting.

First of all, to use walkie talkie for hunting, you need to acquire permission from higher authorities. Otherwise, it will be unethical or against the law.

To use GSMR for better coverage, you need to get the license. Only then, you can boost the coverage range.

Before going out for hunting, always check the working of your device. Test it several times for all its features with your group members. As hunting could be dangerous at times, it is essential to have proper contact with others.

Check the battery charging for your tool. Also, take few additional batteries that can come handy in case of low charging.

Also, it is important to inspect the hunting area before starting your activity with the walkie-talkie. Look for regions where you can get best signal strength.

What are privacy codes and their working?

When you deliver signals on any particular channel, chances are high you will hear the voice of other people as well. It occurs, particularly during busy days.

Many people use same channels. Their voice gets interfered by others sending the message over the same channel. There is a solution to this problem. It is to have a privacy code. These codes help in identifying the specific person you are communicating with.

To take its benefit, all you need to do is select a channel and a privacy code. Your device will match the codes and help you in getting the specified message only.

But keep one thing in mind about this code. Though this term has word ‘privacy,’ actually it doesn’t offer any. It only helps you in getting a clear voice. Anyone using the same channel can hear your message. It will result in having no privacy at all. 

What people mostly complaint about walkie talkie ranges?

The most common confusion people face with the walkie-talkie is in its range. The manufacturers claim one specific range. However, while reading customers’ reviews, people get confused.

Why? It is because few say it gives good coverage over a specified distance. Other say it is nowhere even near the claimed range. Few even say their device can cover few miles even in dense areas.

Now, who is right in this scenario?

There could be one reason behind this. It is the use of either Family Radio Service (FRS) or General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS). Both give completely different results.

This is the reason experience for different customers varies. However, to get the clear picture, you can see the number of customers giving any particular type of review.

How does wattage of walkie-talkie affect its performance?

For acquiring the best walkie talkie for hunting, it is somehow important to consider its wattage power as well. Why?

It is because high wattages can deliver messages at a great distance. However, they are pricey as well. Normally, two-way radios use watts between 0.5-5 to deliver the message.   


Getting the best walkie talkie for hunting or camping is very important. It is because, during shooting, you may encounter unpredicted circumstances.

There may come a time when you are in serious danger. This dangerous situation could be life-threatening as well. Besides ensuring your safety, a right walkie talkie is important in catching your target.

But, how can you get the right walkie talkie? It can be done by looking at the specification of various products. You can thoroughly search for the features of few best walkie talkie models.  

Now the question comes which one is best for all listed items? All of them offer various important features. The choice of the best one depends entirely on the buyer.

However, if we are asked to choose the best among all, our pick will be Midland GXT1000VP4 Two Way Radio. Wondering why?

It is because of its different features. Firstly, its Camouflage appearance makes it perfectly suitable for hunting. People usually like it a lot as compared to other colors and designs.

You can’t get this type of looks in other listed items. Moreover, it can operate on both FRS and GMRS. It means it is capable of providing communication over long ranges.

It also ensures the safety of a person by its backlight, NOAA weather scan, and animal call alerts features. It gives a huge number of channels with privacy code for getting quality sound.

This product is a collection of almost all those features one can look for in a walkie-talkie. Above all, the price range is also kept nominal for this device.

What else can you search for in a walkie-talkie for hunting?