15 Reasons Why Inflatable Kayaks are Fantastic

By Kevin Arnold | Water Sports

Feb 04
reasons to inflatable kayak

Nowadays, many people when they have a chance to escape from the daily routine they just do it at the first opportunity. Gone are the days, when having a kayak was considered to be a special indulgence, thanks to inflatable kayaks as you can store them everywhere. Kayaking is not just an adventurous and multifaceted sport, but also a good way to improve your physical condition and health.

The majority of people marvel at the modern fitness workouts but unfortunately they forget the real substance of exercise. For this reason we are here to prove that you have wealth of reasons why you should start inflatable kayak. Fasten your life jackets and let’s begin!

Reason to Kayak

1#. Easy Transportation, Packing and Storage

boat people canvas inflatable kayak bag

Probably, this is the most important reason why you should take up kayaking. If you have an inflatable kayak you can store it easily everywhere and just transport it with your car. You can inflate it in no time and just start paddling!

Moreover, the weight of your kayak is insignificant if you compare it with a hard-shell kayak. Imagine that if you fold the kayak flat you can even store it in your backpack. Gone are the days, when you had to transport your kayak on the top of your car.

2#. Effortless Handling

The vessels, especially these which are lightweight, are easy to handle. Weight plays a definitive role in handling and maneuverability. As a matter of fact, all people regardless of their age or height can easily handle a kayak without putting much effort.

Furthermore, it is ideal for long paddling tours especially for children and beginners. The most effortless paddling style is the ‘’low-angle”. Thus, if you try kayaking you will immediately realize that you will not get tired at all.

3#. Take your friends or family for more fun

Family kayaking

Do you want to paddle alone or sometimes with company? No problem. Inflatable kayaks have adjustable seats and they are also known as tandem kayaks. If you choose a 3 person kayak, you can easily turn it to a 1 person kayak.

However, tandem kayaks can be really long, but you do not have to worry. They are designed to support 2 or 3 people and they are also lightweight. Thus, you are ready to kayak and explore nature with your family or friends.

4#. Let’s go Fishing

kayak fishing

Kayaking is a versatile sport and you can combine it with many other activities like fishing. Most people think that you can fish only from a big boat and overlook the most practical way to fish. Thousands of years ago indigenous people used kayaks to go fishing.

Why should we not? Manufacturers constructed special fishing kayaks equipped with different accessories to make it easy for you. We would like to reject the wring perception that inflatable kayaks are not suitable for fishing.

Modern technologies managed to enhance the strength and thickness of the air chambers and equipped the kayaks with many storage areas for your tackle. Additionally, you can approach different places to fish without any problems.

Equally important is the fact that inflatable kayaks are absolutely noiseless and that makes them ideal for fishing. Do not forget that kayak fishing is really efficient and you can use all the fishing techniques.

5#. Exercise and Sport Activities

Kayaking provides many health benefits as you have to work many body parts while paddling. With this aerobic exercise you can firm up your muscles and strengthen your physical condition. It is proven that 1 hour of paddling is equal to 5km of jogging.

You can just go kayaking, exploring the nature, fishing or touring and at the same time you can gift yourself with health and strength. The paddling exercise can improve your cardio vascular system and strengthen your muscles.

Nowadays, obesity levels especially for children are extremely high. Many scientists proved that the paddling exercise can significantly boost your metabolism and help you to burn fat easily.

6#. Transportation with Safety

Would you like to cross the river or lake with safety in order to continue with your hiking trip? Would you like to approach a better fishing spot? Would you like to find a good campsite away from the noisy road?

The solution is an inflatable kayak which is able to transport you and your equipment safely and easily. You do not have to interrupt your trip just because you found a river on the end of the trail. After searching the market we found special kayaks designed for backpacking.

Additionally, it is important to mention that if you puncture accidentally your kayak there is no problem. Most inflatable kayaks have usually more than one air chamber that will help you to approach the shoreline easily in order to repair it.

7#. Value for Money

If all the reason above caught your attention, please pay closer attention to this reason. Kayaks and especially inflatable are really affordable. They offer many benefits and everyone can afford them at a low price.   

However, we found some expensive inflatable kayaks on the market which have enhanced hypallon neoprene air chambers and multiple layers of PVC. Nevertheless, inflatable kayaks are a great solution for your wallet.

Imagine that all sports and gyms are quite expensive. Kayaking is affordable and you do not have to spend a fortune to buy your equipment.

8#. Incredible Stability is a Great Advantage

sport kayak

Stability is one of the key features of inflatable kayaks due to their versatile design. The vessel consists of multiple air chambers mounted on an inflatable hull which holds the gravity center low. Thanks to buoyancy the kayak floats on the water surface.

Regardless to your weight, the kayak is able to support you and give you freedom and stability while paddling. Even if you fill it up with all your equipment there is no danger to tip over. If you pair the kayak with a good high angle paddle, you will raise stability to the top.

9#. Suitable for all Water Conditions

There is no doubt that you can use a kayak whether you are going to paddle in white waters or still. Kayaking is limitless and you can use it in lakes, open seas, rivers etc. Specifically, inflatable kayaks are ideal for shallow waters and they do not bump on rocks.

Hard-shell kayaks are also good for many water circumstances, but they can easily break especially if you are paddling in waters with a rocky bottom. Equally important is the fact that all kayaks and especially inflatable are safe even if you face harsh weather conditions like wind.

10#. Getting Closer to Mother Nature

kayak on mother neutral

Many people are addicted to their mobile phones, have high levels of stress and tend to suffer from depression. Unfortunately they forget that nature is a great way to put all the devices and problems aside and have some fun.

It is scientifically proven that if you spend some time exploring the nature and taking up outdoor activities can work as a therapy. Furthermore, the sound of the river can really relax you. This is especially important for children as they can spend some time with nature without being addicted to their mobile phones. Check here some amazing places to be near mother neutral and cheap vacation ideas.

11#. Benefits for People with Special Needs and Disabilities

Undoubtedly, kayaking does not imply that you have to put much effort to paddle. Consequently, people with special needs will find it easy to handle the kayak. Manufacturers equipped all the kayaks with the best materials and gave them stability and excellent floatation.

All people can go kayaking. It has many advantages and it is disability friendly. People with special needs will not face any problem and they can enjoy the benefits because they deserve them.

12#. Versatility for all tastes

different kind of kayak

There are plenty of kayaks on the market hard-shell or inflatable. Inflatable kayaks come in a length of 2,5m up to 5m, tandem or one person etc. They also have different hull styles, “V” Shape, rounded or flat with closed or open cockpit.

Moreover, there are white-water sport kayaks or simple touring kayaks. Consequently, kayaking is the only sport that offers many options depending on your paddling style and personal preferences.

13#. Lots of Fun

All avid kayaking enthusiasts will agree that you can have lots of fun with this versatile activity. Just imagine that every stroke gives you extra motion and you have to be highly concentrated to achieve your goal!

Tension and suspense will dissipate all your body. Furthermore, it is a god chance to have some fun with your family.

14#. Eco-Friendly

Kayaking is an echo-friendly way to have fun, exercise and move from one place to another. Your hands and paddle are the ‘’motor’’. Thus, kayaking do not worsens the pollution problem and does not dump any chemical pollutants in the river or lake.

Moreover, most inflatable kayaks are made of recyclable materials which will not harm the environment. Equally important is that they do not produce any noise so they are not ruining the natural balance of the ecosystem.

15#. The best way to stay cool

It is a nice sunny summer day and you feel your skin burning. There is nothing better to go kayaking as there is a nice wind breeze over the water. Many people would agree that kayaking is the best summer activity not only during the winter, but also during summer.


Finally, the plethora of reasons attests that kayaking has many advantages that can definitely benefit you. We would like to encourage everyone to try this extraordinary sport. The only thing you need is a kayak which will fulfill your kayaking needs coupled with a nice paddle.