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how to clean car covers
Mar 30

How to Clean Car Covers Like Pro

By Andy Stone | Car

In this world, solving a problem always leads to more problems. Acquiring a car cover will protect your car from oxidation, corrosion, and damage from external hazards. However, you will have to live with the nightmare of cleaning the car cover.  Are you looking at this bulky material in front of you and wondering where to […]

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tips to avoid car accident
Mar 02

Tips You Need To Know to Avoid Car Accident

By Tim Fox | Car

IntroductionEach year thousands of people die or get injured in car accidents, otherwise known as road accidents, auto accidents or car wrecks. According to the latest news in traffic fatality estimates released by World Health Organization (WHO), at least 1.25 million people died in road accidents each year. Nearly 50% of those dying on the […]

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