Top Tips You Need To Know Before Fishing in the Rain

By Tim Fox | Fishing

Jun 25
Top Tips for Fishing in the Rain

Fishing is an enjoyable sport where you can either fish alone and enjoy the peace and solitude or fish along with your family and friends and enjoy the companionship. Whether you fish on your boat, kayak or onshore when you think of fishing, more often than not, you might imagine the skies being clear and the weather being bright. However, fishing in the rain has its charm, and you are sure to enjoy it thoroughly if you prepare well.

Would you enjoy the feeling that you fought against the elements and not only did you win, but you got an even better catch that you would on a bright, sunny day? If yes, then read on.

We have mentioned a few important tips below that you should keep in mind when you are fishing in the rain.

How to fish in the rain? 

When it is raining, the water and its currents will behave differently than usual. Even the fish will behave differently. This gives you an excellent opportunity to get an excellent catch. Check below the top three tips to fish better in the rain.

1. Try baits that are topwater

During rains the surface of the water break due to the raindrops. Since the surface breaks and the sun covers the clouds, the disturbance and lack of visibility make the fish roam more than normal, and they actively pursue bait. When they see topwater bait skitter across the surface of the water, they are immediately attracted to it. You can easily fish for a lot of fish with top bait especially when a school of fish passes by. There are many lakes like the famous lakes of the Carolinas and Georgia which have blue-back herring on which fishermen come out during the rain with top bait to catch spotted bass.

2. You need to increase your speed when you are fishing in the rain

Since there is not much sun when it is raining, and clouds mostly obstruct the sun, bass and other big fish generally roam more as compared to when it is sunny. So where you would generally stick to one place and fish, since the fish will now spread over a larger area, you will need to move over a bigger area too.

When you go fishing in the rain, you can use spinner bait. You don’t need to wait too long when you are fishing in the rain as the fish comes in fast. If you are using worms, you don’t need to soak it in the water too long.

3. Check the water for areas where the water drains

When it starts raining, the rain drains a lot of soil into the water which brings in a lot of organic nutrients. This attracts baitfish to that area. The baitfish, in turn, attracts the bass to that area. You need to identify the part of the lake where the runoff is coming into the lake. The runoff should not be too strong so that it doesn’t allow the nutrients to settle and you also need to check and make sure that it is clean to a reasonable degree.

Fishing in Rain Gear

Fishing in the rain is a very horrible experience if you are not using the right rain equipment. If you are dressed appropriately and have the right fishing gear, then you will be comfortable and will enjoy fishing in the rain.

You will need to take your normal fishing gear with you for your trip. In addition to that, here are a few things you need to have regarding rain gear while fishing:

1. Get a collapsible wading staff

A wading staff will help you get stability if you accidentally enter water that is fast. When you are fishing you don’t realize the undercurrents in the water. When it rains, the undercurrents are stronger, and there is a possibility that the undercurrents may wash you away if you don’t have support. A wading staff helps you to gain balance when you are in the water. You can opt for a wading staff that is collapsible. This makes it easy to carry and store when you are traveling for fishing. 

2. Buy a wading jacket

When you are in the water or if the rain is heavy, it is best that you get a good wading jacket. You need a coat that is lightweight and waterproof. Make sure that when you buy a jacket, you are comfortable enough so that you can use the fishing rod with ease. When you are fishing, you make a lot of motions which you will not do in normal circumstances. For this, you need to make sure that the jacket is comfortable. You should be able to cast with ease. You can try a jacket that is a size larger than what you usually buy. This should give you the ability to do a range of movements with comfort. I suggest that you buy a wading jacket at a local sports store rather than online so you can wear it and check if it is comfortable before you buy it. It also makes sense to get a jacket that is windproof. When it rains, there is always a possibility of wind so having a jacket that is windproof along with being a waterproof help.

3. Get loose and antimicrobial wading pants

When it is raining, you need to make sure that you have wading pants as you will have to stand for long in the rain. You need a pair of wading pants that is breathable, and you are comfortable in it. You also need to check for a couple of pants that is antimicrobial so that you keep odor away and it does not get mildew.

4. Buy strong wading boots

Wading boots are gear that you need even if it doesn’t rain, but when it starts raining, and you are fishing, they are even more critical. You will need boots that are strong and give your feet stability. It should be waterproof and high enough so that insects can’t crawl into the boots. Since the ground becomes wet and muddy when it starts raining, stability and grip are very important when it comes to wading boots. You can check the best wading boots in the market on Amazon.

5. Get a small but powerful headlamp

During the rains, the sun is obstructed even midday starts getting dark. As the day draws to an end and the rain increases, visibility starts decreasing. In that case, you will need headlamps to light up the area around you, especially when you are on your way back from the lake to your vehicle. A strong and powerful headlamp also helps in driving away any reptiles which may roam around the lake in the dark.

6. Keep a space blanket handy

When you are out fishing in the rain, precaution is essential. If you slip into the water, there is a possibility to get hypothermia. To prevent that, you should keep a space blanket with you in your emergency kit. A space blanket is compact and lightweight. They can save your life if there is an emergency. The space blanket prevents hypothermia from setting in as it will reflect the heat of your body back onto yourself if you accidentally fall in the water. They are very inexpensive. You can check the prices on Amazon.

7. Compass and other supplies

Sometimes when it rains, the roads and other modes of transport become impassable for a while. If that happens to you and you are stuck, a compass and essential supplies like water and food will help. It is a good practice to have a compass, an extra pair of warm clothes and a towel in your vehicle when you go rain fishing especially if the lake is far away from where you live.


Rainy weather is an excellent time to fish as you will be able to catch a lot more fish as compared to when the weather is fine. Many fish species are more active when the brightness is low. When it rains, the sun is obstructed, so the conditions become dark, and the fish start coming up. This happens more in lakes that have clear water.

In addition to that, when it is summer, the weather is hot, and the oxygen that is there in the lake gets low. This makes the fish sluggish and inactive. When it starts raining, the water in the lake gets aerated, and it starts cooling. This activated and refreshed the fish, and they start swimming to the surface of the lake which makes it easier to catch them.

Rainwater also reduces visibility for the fish which makes fishing easier. You have a higher chance of getting a better haul of fish when it is raining.

You need to keep in mind the drains, spread over a larger area and use topwater bait to catch fish when it is raining. Since safety is the most critical point you need to keep in mind when fishing in the rain, carry your space blanket and a wading staff. Make sure your clothes are right for rain fishing which includes a good wading jacket, pants, and boots.

Enjoy fishing in the rain!!!