8 Fantastic Tips To Get Your Feet Warm In The Cold While Hunting

By Andy Stone | Hunting

Apr 30
Tips to keep your feet warm while hunting in the cold

What keeps you occupied when you’re not in the hunting field? If you ask this question from any passionate hunter, then chances are the answer would be “hunting.” No matter under which condition they are going on, they will never stop their mission of hunting.

Harsh conditions, cold weather and raining days nothing could be an obstacle for them. For many hunters, winters could be a favorite time of the year to hunt.

However, it can be miserable if you’re not dressed for the cold weather. Mainly if you have not prepared yourself about to get your feet warm in the frozen December, then you can face real trouble.

Here we’ve come up with some creative yet efficient ways to keep your feet warm on stand.

1- Wear Proper Boots

One of the most important and tricky decisions that you make while getting prepared your survival kit for hunting season is the size and type of the boots that you pick to wear. You should know that it would directly affect the warmth of your feet.

So, if you consider buying a new pair of boots, try to get the boots on with the socks that you wear while hunting. Another critical factor is you have to ensure the boots are suitably sized for the number and type of socks you wear.

While checking the size, leave enough room to wiggle your toes. According to outdoor experts, you should go for at least a full size larger to get leverage to layers of socks. Moreover, if you get a size larger, then it will leave a little more room to move your toes.

2- Select a Boot with a Thick Sole 

Wear Proper Boots

This one is going to work in any harsh and cold weather. Wearing boots that has thick soul prevents coldness from gradually sneaking in from the ground or tree stand.

On the other hand, always try to look for waterproof boots. If water gets in your boots, it will not only freeze your feet, but your whole body gets chill.

3- Try Boot Covers 

Once you decide the type and size of your boots now, you need to get a keep heated boot covers. Well, you can easily clip them to your backpack for a guaranteed toasty warm sit for your feet regardless of which boots you have selected to wear.

There is no hassle to handle boot covers as they are simple to get on and off. All you need to do is drop in a couple of hand warmers to the innovative pocket that keeps the heat placed directly over your toes.

Boot covers are mainly designed to wear over your boots. They hold in all the heat and will keep your feet warm in the cold.

4-  Prefer the Boots with Good Insulation

If you go through mud puddles, then you may think about purchasing a pair of rubber hunting boots so you can keep your feet dry. In these kinds of situations, insulation is necessary. Finding proper fitting and quality boots for every hunter is vital. So, you need to shop around for the boot with proper insulation.

5 Wear Layers of Socks

Layer of socks

When you hunt in the cold, you should have the idea that just any old sock will not be enough. It is critical to keep your feet warm. Hence, getting layers of socks will be extremely useful when it comes to keeping your feet warm. You need to wear at least two or three layers of socks on very chilly outings.

You can wear them in order like one pair of socks needs to be a thin one that wicks moisture moved out. The other one needs to be a thick woolen sock. Follow this pattern, if you’re trying three layers then. First of all, wear a thin wicking sock than thin merino wool sock, and top them go with a very thick wool sock.

6- Use Warmer Packets with Pockets Socks 

You can go for pairs of socks that have pockets over the toes. These pockets used for holding warming packets. These warming packets work well for at least three to four hours.

You can also use hand warming packets. Both kinds of packets can be purchased at most sporting goods’ store.

 It is important to mention the caution here that, if you put these packets directly against your bare skin, they can blister or burn your feet or toes. It can happen due to the high temperature produced from the chemical reaction that occurs in the packets. So be careful and use them with socks.

7- Use of plastic wrap

Your hands and feet are usually the first to freeze up if you’ve sat on position for some period in the cold. Well, you got your hand muff, now you have to do the whole lot so you can keep your feet from freezing as well.

You can tuck some plastic wrap or a plastic sandwich bag between the shoe upper and your upper foot and toes. This strategy surely prevents cold air from entering your boots.

 Besides, sweat isn't trapped at the base of your foot.  The best thing is plastic wraps are thin enough to fit in your shoe devoid of switching the kind of socks you wear. On the hand, it's easy to dispose of, and you can simply remove it.

8- You Need to Keep Your Head Warm

Well, you must be surprised to see this tip in the list. Due to the exposure of our head and core to the cold, it is logical that our feet might get cold.

It’s true when a hunter’s head gets cold; blood is drawn from his or her extremities to warm up that fundamental part of the body.  In this case, a good winter hat is a simple solution.

You can also wear a scarf or buff to wrap the part of face and neck. So, the ultimate cold-weather hat accomplishes keeping the whole body warm as well as feet.

We all know that keeping the feet warm isn’t just regarding getting comfort, but it’s also about boosting your chances as a hunter. It is the fact that the more time to stand will guarantee the higher your chances of achievement in the mission.

So, to keep your feet warm and hunt for those cold late season days you need to follow the tips mentioned above. I guarantee you; these tips will be helpful for hunting around in the cold.

Tell us what do you do to keep your feet warm while hunting in winter season? Tell us in the comments what is your favorite tip to keep the feet warm and moisture free?