Top 10 Water Sports to Try On Your Summer Vacation Trip

By Andy Stone | Water Sports

Jun 11
top 10 water sports to try in summer vacation

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Summer is around the corner, and almost every member of the family regardless of their age is looking for the place and activities to spend their summer vacation on a location nearby the beach that involves various water sports to enjoy. Summer is the season for water enthusiast and adrenaline junkies as they love getting a tan and trying exciting water sports making their vacation full of amazing and exciting memories. Here are top ten water sports which you must try on your summer vacation trip:


Sailing is a quite old water sport but is still the most favorite activity of thrill-seekers who love to fight their way in the sea and face the fast flowing winds while holding the sides of the ship tight to go on your way to the exciting sailing ride.

Underwater Sea Walk

If you are not a certified diver that doesn't mean you will never be able to explore the beauty of the underwater world without diving. Underwater sea walking is a water sport which has become quite famous in the last few decades among the water enthusiast, where they will walk on the ocean ground to go deep into the sea to explore the various species of fish, coral reefs, rocky caves and drenched ships which will be a perfect experience. An instructor will accompany you on the tour of underwater walking, and you will be wearing a swimsuit along with helmet on for uninterrupted breathing underwater.


Want to go on a snorkeling adventure but don't know swimming? The problem is solved, there are many training centers near the beaches which will educate and instruct you about the safety precautions to take underwater, you will be wearing a mask for proper breathing along with fins on your feet to swim and explore the amazing, beautiful aquatic life. Snorkeling doesn't require you to be a professional swimmer like scuba diving.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

Stand-up paddleboarding is an amazing water sport to enjoy and relax while paddling your way onto the crystal clear water of Island along with admiring the magnificent view of the luscious-green Island and sandy coastlines. You should consider putting sunscreen on your body before going for SUP because the sun rays reflecting from water will get you sunburn on the skin. This is a sport for those who want to calmly ride on the water unlike riding the waves as they do in surfing.

Kiteboarding (Kitesurfing)

This water sport is a perfect combination of selected attributes of both wakeboarding and surfing, Kitesurfing is much more fun than both of these water sports, you will have to manage the kite location by forgoing your way into the water and enjoying the splashes of sea water wakening your adventurous personality to have a thrilling blast on the surface of water. This water sport is perfect for thrill-seekers with a lot of strength to fight the wind and ride the sea waves like a pro.


Kayaking offers you the most relaxing experience to go on a kayak tour on your own or with a partner. You can row your way to the middle of sea smoothly and take in the fresh, relaxing air along with the stunning view of Island and natural beauty surrounding it. To watch the sunset from the sea on a kayak tour will fill your mind and soul with relaxing vibes. You will forget about the hectic and stressful life for a moment when you will look at the beauty of Island and blue water surrounding you. Here is a link to help you select the best kayak for your trip.

Deep Sea Fishing

No doubt! It is one of the traditionally old water sports, but it is still the best thing to do on your vacation when you want to relax in the middle of the sea on the yacht enjoying the sunset and do something effortless for killing time out there.  On some of the famous waters, you will be able to get some of the rare species of fish. This water sport is a source of excitement and fun for visitors of all the age. Later on, you can cook those fish as a little treat for your hard work.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving gives you an incredible experience of exploring underwater seascapes and life of aquatic animals and the water plants which you wouldn't see without trying out this water sport. You are not allowed to do scuba diving alone if you are not a certified professional diver because it is not an easy sport to do and there is a famous saying "if you dive alone, you die alone." However, it's unacceptable that scuba diving is less fun or not a sport to try for adrenaline rush just because it is tough. Scuba diving is water sport which is filled with excitement, adventure, and amazing underwater life discovery experiences. 


Parasailing is such an exciting water sport for those who love to try new things. If they want to get the adrenaline rush to the maximum level should try this sport; it will not disappoint them at all. You will be strapped into a parachute, winched up in to the air and will float 90 meters above the surface of water towed to a motorboat, which will increase your heartbeat and your adrenaline rushes through your body with the cool breeze up there and the panoramic view of the Island will look like a small picture from above.


Most of the people who are adrenaline junkies love to ride the waves on their surfing board ruling the sea water in the summer to fill their souls with excitement and thrill. Surfing is a water sport for professionals, but you can also learn surfing and then practice it by riding the small waves at first. It is not difficult to learn surfing 3-4 training session will make you trained enough to get on a surfing board and enjoy riding the waves of ocean fearlessly along with your friends and family.

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